Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rohingya village was burned in the town of Rathidaung, a number of Muslims died

RAKHINE- Burning still occurs in Rohingya Muslim villages in Arakan (Rakhine), Burma (Myanmar) while the international community is still powerless to stop it. Rohingya Muslim homes continue to be targeted by ethnic Buddhists Rakhine, which makes thousands of Rohingya homeless.
Burning took place in the Rohingya village in Anauk Pyin, in the town of Rathidaung - about 10 miles from the city of Sittwe (Akyab) - on Tuesday (06/19/2012) morning, based on reports from sources from the scene.
Abdullah (not his real name) reported the burning news toarrahmah.combased on sources from the scene, said that the Rakhine terrorists invaded villages and attacked the Rohingya Muslim village. Then the Rohingyas tried to defend the village and themselves, and refused to leave by fighting, some ethnic Rakhines were killed at first then the Burmese security forces arrived, and indiscriminately opened fire on Rohingya Muslims in the village of Anaouk Pyin.
The source added, "we have information that around 100-150 Rohingyas may have been killed by gunshots from Burmese security forces, many were killed and the numbers cannot be confirmed."
The source further revealed that the Rakhine ethnic terrorists with the full support of the Burmese security forces had burned around 100-150 Rohingya Muslim homes in the village. Then the security forces arrested and brought a number of Rohingyas from the village.
Meanwhile according to the reportKaladan News, around 60 houses in the village were burned to ashes, 8 ethnic Buddhist Rakhine were killed in the clash and 8 Rohingya Muslims died, and many other villagers were injured. Houses in other Rohingya Muslim villages, Muzardiya were also burned, as well as Tharapin village which was completely burned down and most of the Rohingya were killed. The villages are located between ethnic Buddhist villages and the Mayu river.
Please note that the specific number of Rohingya Muslims who have been killed cannot yet be known, because of the large number of people killed and the limitations of gathering information. Sources from the scene or in Arakan who still have the ability to communicate, send information via short message by telephone to relatives or friends who are outside.

IWD/The Truth Seeker Media

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