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Deso Dogg (Denis Mamadou Cuspert), German Rapper who Becomes Muslim

Denis Mamadou Cuspert, a German rapper previously known as Deso Dogg, has now become a devout Muslim. He chose Abu Maleeq as his hijrah name, subhanalloh!

Deso Dogg / Denis Mamadou Cuspert / Abu Maleeq was born and raised in the city of Berlin, his mother is native to Germany while his father is an immigrant from Ghana.
When he was small, his father left him. Then he got a stepfather who was a soldier of the American Army. Small Cusperts have been sent to schools that handle bad children. After attending school for five years, he returned home.
"I grew up with racism," Cuspert said. "Even though my mother is German, some teachers still call me 'negro' and treat all Muslim children badly".

Anti-American Attitudes and Popularity History

His anti-American attitude and anti-American foreign policy grew in 1990, in the months leading up to the first Persian Gulf war. He joined the demonstrators in Berlin. "We marched, shouted and burned the American flag," he said smiling.

The New York Times wrote, the 2003 US invasion of Iraq became a source of new conflict with his stepfather. He joined the youth gangs. Cuspert said that at the time he wanted to find his identity, he found it on the streets of Berlin with immigrant children from Arabia and Turkey.

From an early age Cuspert or Abu Maleeq, used to train himself with Thai kick boxing, tae kwon do and Brazilian jujutsu. German social workers once sent him to a special farm in Namibia which is commonly used to rehabilitate bad boys.

In 1995, he discovered a new way to show his anger: namely as rapper Deso Dogg. He said, "my songs are about my story in prison, racism, war."

His music career surged. He continued to tour with world-famous rapper such as DMX and even worked on making music soundtracks for films in Germany.

The Turn of Life

One day Cuspert had a car accident, but luckily he survived. After that he began to question his lifestyle and decided to enter Islam to find the answer.

In 2010, he ended his career as a rapper and turned his attention to fighting the United States and the West.

The tone of waiting for his cellphone clearly reveals who he really is right now. If you call Cuspert, you will hear a waiting tone that says "Death is the most beautiful, Allahu Akbar."

His view of Jihad

Cuspert says that Islamic Sharia, the Qur'an's suit allows one to defend himself. "My job is to use my voice to tell the truth to people, and (among) the truth is jihad as a duty," he said.

Late last June, Cuspert sang nasyid who praised the leader of al-Qaeda, Shaykh Usamah bin Ladin's spiritual leader. "Your name will flow in our blood," the singer refers to the martyrdom of Shaykh Usamah.

"I swear allegiance to Mullah Muhammad Umar, Taliban Leader," he said in an interview with a smile. "He is one of the greatest people."

In his lecture, Cuspert expressed anger at the attacks of American drones in the tribal areas of Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, and he said that his biggest desire now was to see the death of President Obama, who he claimed was an enemy of Islam.

Reaction of the German Government

German security officials accuse him of being an influential figure who likes to provoke violence and riots through videos and fiery lectures praising 'terrorists' and attacking the West.

German authorities also pointed out, people like Denis Mamadou inspired the shootings that killed two American pilots at Frankfurt Airport in March (2011). The man who carried out the shooting was Uka Arid, whose trial began on Wednesday. In his statement, Uka Arid said he opened fire on a bus containing American officials, after seeing a video of a Muslim woman being raped by men wearing United States military uniforms.

American officials said the rape video was posted on the page of former rap singer Denis Mamadou Cuspert by Islamic militants, who later saw Uka Arid and inspired the shooting.

Uka said he listened to the nasyid on his iPod containing a call against the occupying forces and the West as he traveled to the airport before the shooting.
"It really made me angry," Uka told a judge on Wednesday.
German terrorism investigators see if Denis Cuspert is 35 years old, a threat that will provoke young people in the campaign that the West is attacking Islam. Denis Cuspert was even equated with Anwar Al-Awlaki, an American-born preacher who now emigrated to Yemen because he was also accused of promoting violence through speech and video.
"After building good relations through music, he introduced a radical ideology to an audience that had received him before," said Raphael F Perl, who runs an anti-terrorism unit for the European Organization for Security and Cooperation.

However, in an interview at a mosque in Germany, Denis Cuspert denied having any connection with Uka Arid. But this former rapper supports the action carried out by Uka Arid. "This brother hasn't killed civilians," he said. "He has killed soldiers who are on their way to kill Muslims."

German authorities suspect Cuspert plans to join his friends in Pakistan. The German government in July has demanded that he hand over his passport. "I told them, my passport was lost," he said.

So far, the authorities said that they did not have enough evidence to arrest him if it was only in the form of his speeches. But German police tried to imprison him for the violations he committed while he was still a rapper.

On August 18, Denis Mamadou Cuspert was tried on charges of illegal possession of weapons. The prosecutor said that he was holding a gun in a video and that police found ammunition in a search at his home.

German authorities said they were trying to imprison Cuspert and stop his "jihad propaganda video". The judge finally only fined € 1,800, or about $ 2,600 for "jihad propaganda videos", and he escaped from prison sentences.

Undergroundtauhid/The Truth Seeker Media

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