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He is the One who always waits for us

He is the One who always waits for us

And He is the One who has the supreme power over all His servants, and He has sent to you the guardian angels, so that when death comes to one of you, Our angels take it, and Our angels do not neglect its obligation"(Al-An'aam: 61)

Death, a future that we sometimes ignore. Even though he must come as His promise is impossible to deny. Every soul will surely feel death, that is a law of sunnatullah for every creature that has been born in the world.

We are more busy thinking about careers, jobs, and positions that we will later get and occupy. It's more busy thinking about what cars we will drive even though we can't even drive. More busy thinking about the house that we will occupy together with my wife and children, in which we will eat together share stories and enjoy life only once. But how many have met their death before those dreams were realized, without having the chance to have a car and his dream home.

Every year we will see how the students in this country are 'terrorized' with the name of the UN. There are those who describe the UN as a life and death fight for a student, others say the UN is a gamble of the future, if it fails to pass it then get ready for a grim fate. The spooky voices were increasingly louder in the days leading up to the National Examination, making the feelings of the students increasingly impotent even though they had been joined by various types of tutoring, school courses or private lessons. Indeed not all students are like that, but most experience it.

Increasingly tense feelings, many times and belipat after hearing the implementation of the National Examination will be advanced on the date. Concerned about the increasingly tight preparation while the material that had to be ruled was still very busy. The teachers were also no less anxious to witness the anxiety of their students, would they be able to successfully pass this national exam.

A few more months, another 2 months, 1 Month, another 3 weeks and it turns out that the implementation time is getting closer, the more intense the preparation my friends are doing. But unexpectedly, the news came and another sign of His omnipotence was visible to us, returning to His promise.

Say: "The death you have escaped from it will certainly come to you, then you will be returned to the Knower of the Invisible and the Visible, and He will inform you of what you did." (al-Jumu'ah: 62)

Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un
, one of our friends died in the middle of his struggle to study. I also realized that there was something closer than what the National Examination had been so troubling to my friends, which made them put a lot of energy into dealing with it. However, we are sometimes, not sometimes, but often negligent in preparing ourselves for events that are very close to us, which are undated and not monthly, which we certainly know, such as the schedule for conducting examinations. He will not be hastened or delayed, he will come to see us all in time. "Every ummah has its dying, and when it has come to an end, it will not be eradicated, nor will it be."

Of course we do not doubt the death itself, even a person who says no god will not be able to deny the truth of the coming of this death. It's just that we often try to avoid it and forget it from our lives. Some of us are even somewhat tendesius when talking about death, he said 'I am still young, lazy to discuss the story. ' Though discussing it will not reduce our age, and vice versa ignoring it will not add to the ration that the Creator has given to a servant.

Someone else murmured, 'I still want to realize my dreams, you don't have to talk about death that will make me shrink.'Maybe those who say like this forget that how many deaths precede and decide on a person's various ideals as the story above. What we have to realize is that death is not to make our minds low and short, on the contrary by remembering our lives, our dreams and dreams should be high up to the afterlife, not limited to the temporary life of the world.

I have a friend. He used to be a person who often neglected prayer, and worshiped. Once, he read an article titled Wisdom of Death written by Harun Yahya. At first he was just a fad because he was interested in the title. After reading the article, he then determined to rise to knit beautiful vision and dreams by repenting after months of acute agony. He felt death was very close to him, while he was a negligent person. And because of that, he was even more diligent in worshiping to get His pleasure.

Who is willing to live who will only be given once? Who is willing to live eternally in the hereafter just to accompany Shetan?

From Imran bin Khayyath said, "We visited Ibrahim An-Nakha'I rahimahullah for the moment when he was crying, then we asked, "What makes you cry, Abu Imran?" He replied, "I'm waiting for the death of the angel, but I do not know if he will give the good news of heaven or hell?. "(Ensiklopedi Hikmah, 170)

Then death is an important part of the future planning that we will build. Designing the art of death is as important as playing a role on the life stage of the world, perhaps even more important because death is the gateway to an eternal afterlife. We can only design while the realization authority is the right of God, of course by still expecting very, very much when the time comes we can face Him by bringing faith and piety in the chest, Husnul Khatimah is turned off and blessed with martyrdom as the art of death.

Bearing in mind that death should make us move to the path that He loves, the path that requires the sacrifice of everything we have before the rigid body can no longer do anything. Thinking of death will remind us of age, that age is not a measure of the near death, the old do not always overtake the young, even so the young people often go home earlier than the elderly.

Death does not know handsome or beautiful or ugly. For example Princess Diana, although beautiful and still young, still died. And yesterday I just got a writing, if our situation at death is our habit in the world. For example, the A likes to listen to music, just as he dies. Si B likes to chant the holy verses of the Qur'an, just as he died. Like the late Pak Wamen, he was known to ride the mountain, and died when he climbed the mountain.

"Expand remembering pleasure breakers (ie death) "[HR Ibn Majah, no. 4.258; Tirmidzi; Nasai; Ahmad].

"Whoever makes death in his mind, then he does not care about the patience and breadth of the world. "(Syamith bin 'Ajalan)
"When do I die?", "What provisions have I prepared?", "How can I always be prepared for death that turns out to be close?"

Prepare from now on. . Because no one can guarantee that we will live for the next hour, tomorrow, the day after or after reading this article!

"Hi quiet soul. Return to your Lord with a satisfied heart and His approval"(al-Fajr: 27-28)

Walls a'lam bis shawwab

By: @riyanjaya

Student STEI Tazkia

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