Saturday, June 23, 2012

Zayn Malik's Islamic Identity Dilemma and Westernization Lifestyle

Not easy to be a minority. That was felt by British boyband personnel One Direction Zayn Malik, who had just been reviled by a British blogger because he was a Muslim.

A blogger named Debbie Schlussel wrote on his blog that Zayn Malik tried to make One Direction fans convert by writing tweets about Islam. Zayn is indeed known as a religious Muslim youth and even wrote the creed sentence on his Twitter account @zaynmalik. This Tweet turned out to draw criticism from some anti-Muslim circles in Europe and America, including one of them Debbie Schlussel.
"He used his influence to spread the Islam of his fans, and tried to make them convert. It was dangerous," Debbie wrote on her blog.

Fortunately, the ridiculous criticism of Debbie and some anti-Muslim circles was rejected by many. On Yahoo! OMG England, One Direction fans clearly expressed their support for Zayn.
"Don't bother Zayn. Honor everyone's religion and beliefs," wrote one fan

Another fan wrote, "Zayn is indeed a Muslim, but that is not a bad thing. All people have their own beliefs that they think are right. And if there are fans who convert because of him, that is their right."

Zayn was also praised by other Muslims in the European and American entertainment industries. Wajahat Ali, screenwriter in San Francisco, said that Zayn's success could actually improve the good name of Islam in the western world. "He shows that someone can be valued for his talent, and he will not be exiled just because he is a Muslim."

Zudhi Jasser, a Muslim activist in America, also supports Zayn who dared to proclaim his Islam in the western world which is known to be discriminatory to Muslims. But he warned that conservative Muslims might actually criticize Zayn for tattoos and piercings in his ears.

Because Zayn Malik, apparently one of the men who really liked tattoos. Evidently, he has several permanent images that will continue to follow his body.

The first tattoo is in the collarbone. Tattoos that have special meanings that he once showed to his fans via twitter.

The second tattoo is on the chest. There was engraved the name of the grandfather in Arabic. While the next tattoo is on the hip and on the wrist which is a symbol of yin and yang.

Now, as if not enough, Zayn showed off his new tattoo with a microphone printed clearly on his arm. Unfortunately the other One Direction members don't seem to like the tattoo that much.

In an appearance in Los Angeles last weekend, Louis, Harry, Liam and Niall had time to put a real microphone on their arms to make fun of Zayn's tattoos.

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