Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spied on, Muslim New Jersey sued the New York Police Department

A number of groups Muslim New York filed a lawsuit against the New York Police Department (NYPD) on charges of spying on Muslims in carrying out their activities on Wednesday (6/6) yesterday.

"What makes America great is that everyone is treated equally in the eyes of the law," said Executive Director of Muslim Advocates, Farhana Khera, as quoted

The lawsuit was filed by Muslims consisting of priests, students, business people, and members of the military. They urged that the NYPD spying operations against Muslims be ended.
"They feel that their rights have been violated. They are only citizens who feel that something is wrong with what law enforcers do with their lives," he said.

Muslim community leaders considered, said Khera, the move was their last attempt to protect US Muslim constitutional rights.

"How not, the NYPD refused to call their actions violating the rights, while the Attorney General seemed to have his hands tied, and the US Department of Justice seemed to raise his hand. So, this lawsuit was the last attempt to fight for Muslim rights," Khera said.

US Arab League President Ared Assaf separately said the lawsuit showed a cold reaction among Muslims from NYPD supervision. "As a result of this oversight, we see a decline in the presence of Muslims in mosques. They also no longer identify their business activities as halal tokok, this is certainly a problem," he said.

Last year, the Associated Press revealed that the NYPD sent undercover officers in an ethnic community to track daily life and monitor mosques and Muslim student organizations.

AP also reported, the spying activities carried out by the NYPD on the Muslim community. From confidential files obtained, the NYPD supervises locations such as mosques, grocery stores and campuses. Spy activities carried out refer to confidential data bases related to Muslim activities.

But New York and New York State city officials have said they refused to investigate the police on this charge. Mayor Michael Bloomberg openly defended the NYPD's actions against Muslims, saying that such operations were part of "legal", "right" and "constitutional."

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