Thursday, June 14, 2012

Found, Artificial Bone from Human Fat

A number of scientists have succeeded in growing human bones from stem cells in the laboratory. This discovery opens hope for many patients who experience fractures.

The present invention, as quoted from the page The Telegraph, opening up the possibility for healing broken or broken bones, even replacing them with new ones.
Of course, the new bone comes from the patient's cell that was developed outside his body.

Researchers began the process of 'breeding' these bones by taking stem cells from fat tissue. It takes about a month to grow a complete two-inch bone.

The technology was jointly developed by researchers at the Technion Research Institute in Israel. By using a three-dimensional scan of damaged bone to build a kind of scaffold gel that matches the shape of the bone.
Stem cells, known as mesenchymal stem cells, have the capacity to develop into many types of cells in the body. Researchers get these stem cells from human fat by liposuction.

The first trial will be conducted later this year for patients who take part in programs at Israeli biotechnology companies, which also work together on this technology.

Professor Avinoam Kadouri, Head of the Scientific Advisory Board at the BioGroup Bonus said that there is an artificial bone need for bone injury and surgery.
"To make this artificial bone, we use three dimensional structures that have the same shape and geometry. We can grow those bones outside the body. Then, this bone can be transplanted to patients," he said.

By scanning the damaged bone area, he continued, the implant must fit and blend with the surrounding tissue. "There will be no problem of rejection, because the cell comes from the patient's own body," Kadouri said.

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