Thursday, June 28, 2012

Two British Hackers Acknowledge Attacking the CIA Website

Two British hackers pleaded guilty to a London court on Monday 25 because they planned attacks on computer international companies, law enforcement agencies and government agencies including the CIA. The cyber crimes they are doing receive global attention.

Ryan Cleary 20 from southeastern England and Jake Davis 19 from Scotland. The two young men were members of the well-known hacker group LulzSec. They pleaded guilty to charges of conspiring with other parties to hack the sites last year, reports the British Press Association.

The targets of their attacks included the CIA site, the British Organized Crime and National Crime Agency, the Arizona State Police, the Nintendo Company, Sony, Fox Century 20 Studio and Rupert Murdoch's international news group.

The two LulzSec members attacked these sites by sending a distributed denial of service (DDoS), which flooded the traffic of these sites until they were inaccessible.

In addition, Cleary acknowledged four other charges including attacks on Pentagon computers.

Two other suspects refused to be involved in the DDoS attack. The four arrested hackers further denied further allegations.

Two other suspects will be tried next year, while it has not been decided whether Cleary and Davis will also be tried on charges they deny.

is a branch of an international hacker group named Anonim. Both of these groups have begun attacks on cyberspace that have attracted widespread media coverage globally.

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