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Two Love Flower Buds

Two Love Flower Buds

Orphan. That's the status and name.

Orphan is a poor child. Her mother alone took care of her until she became a child the same age as other friends in her village. Because of the poverty that surrounded them, Yatim only wore adult-sized sandals from his father. He wore the sandals when he went to the mushalla to study Koran. However, his friends always taunted him because of the big sandals he wore.

Orphan embarrassed. Very shy. Until he did not want to go to the mosque again to learn to recite with his friends. The mother can only surrender because she can't afford to buy her only son a pair of children's sandals.

Orphans grow up without religious education. Until when his mother was sick, and he needed money to treat his mother, he decided to steal. And not half-hearted, he targeted the house of Pak Haji in the village. A rich village priest.

That night, with equipment for stealing, crowbar and rope, Yatim sneaked alongside Mr. Haji's house in the next village. He eavesdropped to ensure that he was safe to carry out the action. Unfortunately, the rich Pak Haji's family has not fallen asleep. They are still awake. Orphans tried to listen to their conversation.

Pak Haji and his family planned to marry their only daughter, whose puppets were married. He hoped that his son-in-law would later become his successor, including his wealth. They planned to receive applications from anyone whose daughter would accept.

Yatim is silent. He thought of himself and his mother who was sick. There is one way in which he does not have to steal to get his mother's medical expenses. That way is to propose to Pak Haji's daughter, and marry her. That way, he will get assets from Pak Haji that he can use to treat his mother's illness. He returned to his hut house. Not stealing.

The next day, Yatim invited his sick mother to come to propose to Pak Haji's daughter. With the best clothes, they came to Mr. Haji's house. It's really unexpected. At the same time, another family came. The difference is that they are rich families.

Pak Haji was confused, including his family. How to decide that the two castle applicants are both pleased. The princess was only silent. Finally, Pak Haji decided that the proposal to be accepted was left entirely to his daughter. Pak Haji's daughter also held a contest for both. Both prospective husbands were asked to ask themselves questions. And the one who gives the best question will be accepted as her future husband. And he also became a judge.

Yatim invited his rival men to ask questions first. Of the many questions, I remember one question.

"Are you happy when I buy clothes and various types of gold jewelry?"

Pak Haji's daughter replied, "No."

Orphans replace asking questions to Pak Haji's daughter. Of the many questions, I remember one question.

"Are you happy when I buy clothes and various types of gold jewelry?"

Pak Haji's daughter replied, "No."

With the questions posed by Orphans and other men who used to mock Yatim because of their oversized sandals, Pak Haji's daughter chose her future husband as an orphan. Not playing joyfully orphaned heart. He had the opportunity to marry the rich and beautiful Pak Haji's daughter. While his rival and family were angry and immediately left the house of Pak Haji.

Marriage takes place a week later. The ceremony and ceremony were held by inviting all villagers. Of course this marriage is fully funded by Pak Haji. Orphans and their mother who are still sick just enjoy it.

Later that night, in the bride's room, Orphan and Pak Haji's daughter only stayed quiet until the time for prayer. Yatim was busy thinking about how she immediately got money for her mother's treatment from the property of Pak Haji. Pak Haji's daughter broke her mind. He invited Orphans to lead the Isha prayer '.

Yatim was shocked and confused. He cannot read the letters of the Qur'an or the Qur'an. Boro-boro could read like that, he had never studied and studied in his childhood. Even he did not pray, except the feast. Orphan was confused about how he had to explain to Pak Haji's daughter who had now become his wife about his condition. With a heavy heart, Yatim claimed in front of his wife.

"I'm sorry, there is something I have to say to you."
"What is that?"
"In fact, …"

Yatim told her all about her mother's illness, about her desire to steal in the house, about what she heard, about the proposal, and about her strategy for getting money for her mother's medical treatment, and about her who knew nothing about religion.

Yatim's wife was sad, she was struck by the fact before her, when her husband was far from what he expected. He was crying. Orphan confused. He was silent and guilty. For a moment later, Yatim's wife managed to control her feelings. He told her husband to pray with his father at the mosque.

"Pray at the mosque with you ..."

There is a residual slack from his voice. Orphan, feeling guilty, immediately left, leaving the bride's room to the mosque to take part in the congregational prayer. He prayed with other congregations with his father-in-law. Of course if someone is watching, he seems awkward to pray.

After prayer, he and his parents-in-law returned home. Orphan tried to talk lightly until he got home. He goes into his bridal room where his wife is still waiting for him. He also finished the evening prayer. ' There was an impression of tears that had not disappeared from his wife's eyes. Ah, a feeling of pity arises from within Yatim. Oh no. It's not just a feeling of pity. It's love. Yatim realized that. He loved the woman he had hurt since the first time. The orphan was stunned, standing with his back to the door.

"Sit down, here ..."

Yatim's wife asked for the orphan sitting on the bed, beside him sitting. Orphan approached him and sat next to his wife. He looked at the eyes of his full wife.
"Now, you are my husband, and I am your wife. I feel sad about what you have done, but I try to understand your condition. A wife must serve her husband. And marriage is an ark where passengers must unite and help each other. It is imperative for me to help you and your mother. Tomorrow, we go to your house to take your mother to treatment. About you who do not have knowledge of religion, I want you to hide from me. I will teach you recitation ... Will you promise? "

Now, Yatim alternates cry. His eyes melted. He was deeply moved by the kindness of his wife.

"Yes, I promise ..."
Orphan and his wife hugged. Both cried. Happy.

Next, I will not tell you what happened that night. However, there is an interesting story that happened after a few days. Namely when Yatim went to the mosque to perform Maghrib prayer. Pak Haji asked his daughter-in-law to become a prayer leader.

As if, lightning when Maghrib stung Orphans. He has not yet smoothly learned to recite and read Al Fatihah from his wife. During this time, he always prayed in congregation in the mosque so he could still carry out his five daily prayer obligations. Manjadi makmum, he does not need to read letters or reading anything that needs to be heard by others. Obviously different from the priest.

Pak Haji forced him. However, Yatim tried to refuse. Pak Haji has already pushed the Orphan's body to be in the imam's mihrab. Orphans trembled to stand in the imitation place. People are waiting for takbir instructions from him. Yatim thinks how he can still cover up his inability to read the Qur'an. He looked back. It seems that the pilgrims looked back at him.

The orphans are in position facing the Qiblah and staring at the objave. He raised his hands in line with his ears. Her mouth opens and says ...

"Astaghfirullahal adzim ...."
People are confused. Pak Haji asked Yatim.
"What's up, Nak Yatim?"
"Sorry, sir. I'm canceled."
Pak Haji nodded. Orphan permission to take ablution water. Pak Haji immediately replaced the position of Orphan in accepting prayer.

That was the time to walk until finally Orphans could read the Qur'an and memorize various letters and religious sciences from his wife. In fact, Yatim began to replace his father-in-law's position as a prayer leader. Including the businesses belonging to the family of Pak Haji. Ms. Yatim has now recovered from her illness. Later, Yatim was known as "Pak Haji Yatim".

Orphans in this story are characters in a book that I read in elementary school. I forgot the title of the book and the author. May the author obtain baraka from God for his efforts. This story does sound cliche. However, I like it. At least, until more than eleven years I still remember the core of this story. In this story, a husband has shortcomings from various angles compared to his wife. Treasure. Science. Beauty. Descent. Honor.

What caused the spirit wave in the blood was that this husband and wife became a team to transform. From someone who is silent in the darkness to a glowing movement. This is one of the functions in marriage or household. That is to bring together a variety of potential that is then developed jointly between husband and wife.

Often, a person's potential is not explored when he is in solitude and comfort. It should be a trigger for him to be able to expand the potential buds in him to become flowers that bloom and fragrant and beautiful colors.

Anis Matta
write 'Let The Flowers Be Blooming'. Not only one bud is split into flowers, but there are two buds. The hope, of the two blooming buds will produce "hybrid innovation".

Fimadani/The Truth Seeker Media

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