Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Two Israeli Rabbis Allow the Killings of Anti-Zionist Children

Two rabi Israel mengeluarkan fatwa tentang ijin pembunuhan anak-anak yang menentang rezim Zionis, karena menurut mereka "jelas bahwa ketika dewasa kelak dan mereka akan mengganggu kami".

FarsNews (3/5) quoted Ahram Online as saying that because Israeli officials withdrew their lawsuit, these two rabbis were not present in court and avoided punishment.

The book written by two Zionist rabbis, Isaac and Yosef Shapira and given the title of the Emperor a year ago fuels the anger of the Muslims in the Middle East.
Because the two writers of the Israeli regime in some parts of the book emphasize the permissibility of killing children who are enemies of this colonial regime.

Isaac and Joseph Shapira wrote that under certain conditions children who are enemies of the Zionist regime can be killed, because it is clear that later when they grow up, they will surely disturb us.

The publication of this book also caused controversy among the rabbis of the Zionist regime itself, and some of them considered the contents of this book to be contrary to Jewish teachings.

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