Saturday, June 02, 2012

Elvis Costello And Carlos Santana Cancel Tour In Israel To Defend Palestine

Who does not know Elvis Costello, a well-known singer and songwriter from England who has received several awards for his career as a singer, including the Gramy Award and twice being nominated as the best male singer at the Brit Award, and even Rolling Stone magazine placing number 80 as part of 100 best artists of all time.

For his conscience to humanity, Elvis Costello has canceled the planned concert tour in Israel which is planned to be held on June 30 and July 1, 2012. Currently he is included in artists who refuse to appear in Israel, after previously famous artists Santana and Gil Scott-Heron also canceled the tour.

On his official website, Costello writes:

"There are times when we are asked to perform at a concert, indeed we are only asked to appear singing at the concert, but when we do it in a place full of conflict, surely there will be other interpretations of us, and our appearance at the event will be seen as political support.

I do all this on the basis of my conscience and instinct as a human being, with the cancellation of this concert, I hope that people can see it as a hope for peace in the future "

Sarah Colborne - a member of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign is very supportive of the steps taken by Elvis Costello, further Sarah Colborne said "At present there are quite a number of artists who refuse to appear in Israel, because they are aware of and reject all forms of apartheid policies that Israel has committed against the nation Palestine, the same thing happened when apartheid politics continued in North Africa a few years ago ".

Another artist who also canceled his planned concert in Israel is Santana and Gil Scott-Heron, because they are active artists in the anti-apartheid movement.

Now there are many world citizens who are aware and believe that we must do something about the form of cruelty that Israel has committed against the Palestinian people, the easiest thing to do is to boycott, exclude and sanction Israel.

We don't boycott Jews, what we do is boycott the attitudes of those who have committed atrocities and occupations of the Palestinian territories.

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