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Episode Ketololan

The Arabs call it Jahil. Translated to be stupid. But I prefer to call it a fool. After all, idiot is also part of Indonesian.
More splashy of Lady Gaga and Irshad Manji (jikan). Two women who spread the idea of ​​stupidity on this earth. Strangely, there are only creatures who call themselves humans can be amazed and inspired by the stupidity of both of them. So it can be said that these two female followers are only a handful of fools who still exist on this earth.

Irshad Manji, a Muslim lesbi woman who accused herself of being a mujtahidah. Inviting people not to taqlid to great scholars. But taqlid should be with him. Even lay people who don't fool know that their ideas are just foolishness. Confessing to the mujtahidah but there is not a single book about ushul fiqh that he has ever made. Let alone writing perhaps to read just one of the many books of ushul fiqh the truth is doubtful.

Greeting that lesbi may be of the utmost importance. La Haula Wa La Quwwah Illa Billah. Speak taqwa while he himself does not understand the meaning of taqwa. Isn't Taqwa doing His commands and avoiding His Prohibition ??. Even the ibtidaiyyah boy knows this basic thing.

Lady Gaga, both women. Both campaign homo and lesbi. The only difference is religion. It is well-known that this woman is the Queen of the Illuminati in this modern century. The look is sleek and the lyrics are very disgusting. But strangely the concert ticket sold out in just days. Yes, a phenomenon of stupidity that is very visible and clear is in plain sight.

Ignorance does not only not be able to read, write, count or measure other numbers. Isn't the Prophet Muhammad Salihahu 'alayhi wasallam an ummy. But his intelligence far exceeded those who lived before or after. Because ignorance means not knowing the haq, even doubting and moving away from al haq. So this stupidity virus can attack even the smartest Professor. Or people who claim to say they are open minded in this age of slander.

Even in the Qur'an the story of these fools is called the title of greatness. For example Pharaoh who claimed God. Pharaoh was the king's title for the ancient Egyptian kingdom at that time. Confessing God is the greatest foolishness. Or Abu Lahab who rejected the prophethood of his own nephew. What he already knew was the nobility of the morality of the Prophet Muhammad sallalla 'Alayhi Wa sallam from childhood. As the Arab tradition, the name chewing is considered a call of greatness.

Al Quran is also a book for people who have reason. Many verses in the Qur'an invite people to think, think and think. And only the Qur'an is the most correct book on this earth. That was guaranteed by God at the beginning of the Qur'an. La Royba Fiih, There is no doubt in it.

Is there one writer under heaven who dares to claim that his book is the most correct ?? The answer is zero alias zero. So the opposite is if the Koran is not used, even blasphemed or doubtful and considered ancient etc. Then it can be ascertained that 100% of the people are murokkab (squared) and even more.

It is clear and bright in the word of Allah Ta'ala in the letter al a'rof 138

Pass away
Babni Israel Album Fawwa Ali Nation Phone Ali Idols I They said Oh Moses Make Lina God as such I آلهة Carpet إنكم Nation Just like

And we saved the Children of Israel across the sea. When they came to a people who worshiped idols, they say: "O Moses! Make for us a god as they have gods." Moses replied, "You are indeed a fool.

This is the nature of Israel that was recorded in the Qur'an. The taste is almost similar to the condition of our nation. In the verse it is explained that after the Children of Israel were saved by God from the occupation of Pharaoh. Not that they are grateful, they instead apply impertinence by asking a new god to the Prophet Musa alaihi salam.

It is ironic, is it not at the opening of the 1945 Constitution that we have sincerely acknowledged that our independence is thanks to Allah's Almighty Grace. The independence of this nation from the occupation of foreign nations is a gift from GOD. And not at all a gift from DAJJAL.
What is the difference between the thoughts of Irshad Manji and Lady Gaga as a new offering. This is a portrait of some idiots in our country. They glorified the words of the two women. They puja sky-high. They say with their behavior "Fuck if it is against religion". Even claiming foolishly that they - those idiots - felt enlightened from Lady Gaga's stupid thoughts or Irshad Manji.

Return to the verse. And the reason is trivial. Because those of the children of Israel saw other people who were worshiping an idol. It was said in Ibn Kathir's interpretation that the people were Kan'an. Which at that time was more advanced several levels of civilization than the Children of Israel.

Exactly exactly, with that phenomenon. The idiots were dazzled by their eyes just because the two women came from the West. A civilization they perceive is more modern, advanced and other deceptive labels. Their tongue is not ashamed and excited when saying that if they did not follow or at least receive the thought of the two women was the attitude of torture, ancient, conservative, and other strange nicknames. While following it they say as a reflection of a progress, modern, and other crap.

A wisdom story might be similar to this condition of ignorant people (read: fools).

Al story there is a monkey that often dangles in a tree. He jumped here and there. Until one day he saw a barber who was carrying out his profession, just below the tree where he was hanging. The monkey stopped and paid close attention to the barber.

What do humans do ?? The monkey thought in his heart. The monkey was still watching. While down there the barber is still struggling with his job. Arriving at the final process, the barber uses a razor sharp enough to clean the feathers around his customer's cheeks. It's so neat that he does it. And there was no single defect in the execution process.

In another corner, the monkey still sees and watches. Until finally the barber finishes in his job. Then he intended to buy food. Then left the stall along with tools and shaving equipment.

Seeing that, the monkey took to the barber's stall. He also played with a number of shavers that were being abandoned. Until finally he held a razor. He was still playing, intending to demonstrate what he saw from the barber. Until finally he accidentally cut his nose with the "new toy". Fresh blood flowing from his injured nose. The monkey screamed as loud as he could screaming in pain.

The monkey was a picture of ignorant people. What was so easy to be fascinated by what he saw. They follow something without a screening process with faith. Until finally it makes them sick.

The monkey was natural. Because they are not given the power of reason to think. It is different from humans who Allah has given reason. What should be used to think and find the truth.

أبي Saeed Khudri, Carpet: Carpet Messenger God صلى Allah The Prophet The Prophet: «Lithography Sunnah The people I Prayer Shoubra Bashar Food Thanks, Until Take it Piercing F Jahr Poor Linguistic» Knees: Oh Messenger God Oh god Valencia? Carpet: «Fan»

(from the ashes said al khudri rashallahu 'anhu said the Messenger of Allah alayhi wasallam you will follow people before you, a little by the breeze, a year after year, even into the hole of the lizard although you will follow them, the companions ask: yes the apostle whether they are Jews and Christians? Say the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ): who else (if not they)

This Hadith is in Shohihnya Imam Muslim. Imam Nawawi in his sermon wrote that what was meant to follow until the hole of the lizard was a very strong permissibility of the Muslim's obedience to Jews and Christians. Compliance in vice and evil.

And pulling it down he puts this hadith in the science book.
It implies that if a Muslim is knowledgeable he will not join in to enter the "monitor lizard". On the contrary, only fools will follow Jews and Christians even though they have to enter the monitor lizard pit.

Wa Allahu a'lam ..

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