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Euro 2012, Syria, and Rohingya

Sparkling 2012 European Cup parties bewitched many people, especially those who were happy with football. I myself, really like watching football matches on television, even if the time is rather free. If it's full, huh, be careful. It's enough to watch the news broadcast on television, and even then if I have time and don't fight with my children who are cool watching their favorite cartoons at the same hour. Hehehe ... after all, after a lot of trustworthy activities and job responsibilities, the program to watch soccer on television was almost eroded when it was defeated by other real interests. Honestly, when I was in school (from elementary school to high school), I was most fond of watching soccer matches, especially if there was a tournament like the World Cup or European Cup. But, that was first. Long ago. Now I can hardly. Even if you know the news progress through the internet. As long as you are diligent in surfing and do not hurt this already minus and cylindrical eye.

Bro en Sis rahimakumullah, a loyal reader of gaulislam, I intentionally took the title for the 243 / 5th edition of the gaulislam bulletin with a rather long title (and hopefully can also touch all of our feelings): "Euro 2012, Syria, and Rohingya" . Through this title, I invite you all to reflect, including for me personally. Yes, for self-interposing material. Primarily related to our concern for fellow Muslim brothers elsewhere, wabil specifically in Syria and the Rohingya. Thankfully if in other parts of the world, also in our own country, of course.

Don't get me wrong. Even though we eat and drink and defecate every day in this country, there is no guarantee that our concern will also grow. Who knows, it's even far away. Like a friend on Facebook or Twitter that is the opposite of its closeness: the one close is even far away and the far one is even closer. Just try to feel, with your own family or close friends sometimes it feels far away when hanging out on Facebook or Twitter. But with a new friend who sometimes we have never met face to face instead it becomes cool and liquid and feels want to stay close. Well you know. Danger if so, right.

Regarding news and opinions
I felt the world of journalism in the mid 90's. At that time I became 'WTS' aka Journalist without a newspaper. Hehehe ... it's because I work in a magazine, not in a newspaper or newspaper. What is gained from the world of journalism? Yes, news. Not far from there. At best meet the name of opinion. News with opinions is clearly different. If the news is yes, the journalists must write what they are with the journalistic rules that they really memorize; 5 W + 1 H (What, Where, When, Who, Why and How). This means, with rules like this, journalists are required to present facts as they are in the news he writes. According to his observations, the coverage, and of course held the principle of verification of the truth of the events that he could be preached. What about opinion? Wow, it feels like you're smart too: opinions of someone's or group's personal opinion about a problem or event and tend to see it from his personal point of view, aka not objective. More subjective. So, if news and opinion are mixed in a report, the address of the news is unclear, whether this is the case or the opinion of the news writer. Halah, it's complicated right?

After a long time in jumping in and searching for news on the ground, I did use time with a variety of activities, but of course close to the world of writing. Yes, after 'retiring' became a reporter and had felt the chair of the editor in a teen magazine, I chose to write books, teach writing techniques, fill out workshops (training) writing while blogging and also manage the publication of teen magazine gaulislam, which is not news publishing , but more towards ideanews (aka the media for delivering ideas — opinions — but based on events that are developing at this time according to news in various mass media).

I only filter the information that is scattered very much on the internet, choose and sort it, sometimes have to do it searching news in various places to get second opinion on one news which is somewhat odd according to my observations. Because, I want to try as objectively as possible in finding facts and speaking facts, even though the point of view must be Islam the way of life I when judging a fact obtained.

Bro en Sis is a loyal reader of Gaulislam, currently news about Euro 2012 certainly dominates the mass media, whether newspapers, magazines, tabloids, television, radio, and the internet. It is undeniable indeed, at this time the European Cup event in Poland and Ukraine almost took the other news portion. In fact, in terms of the interests of the community in general does not really have an impact on their lives, except for most football enthusiasts every morning become sleepy because of staying up most nights. Whether they are just entertainment or even make it a gambling or betting event. This question has already been discussed in the previous edition (edition 242), please search at Let's get more afdhol.

The question is why is the news about the European Cup 2012 so awesome? Many things can be used as reasons, but the point is about money. Whatever the reason, the money is indeed cash. Do not believe? Most of the reasons have been discussed in edition 242, but I emphasize in the 243 edition that because of money, the news finally chose a trend which of course there is an interest behind it all.

I thought that it seemed like the mass media didn't want to let go of preaching Euro 2012, even though other international reports were no less interesting. There is indeed news about the development of "Syrian coals" that have not been unbroken even though it has been over a year (starting in March 2011), but the portion of the news in the mass media mainstream fewer than the latest events that occur and made headlines every day. The number of victims is confusing in various media reports. But certainly there are many, up to thousands of people are killed, including children and women.

Not yet receding about Syria (Syria), at the beginning of June 2012, Muslims all over the world (should have) also flinched with the raging of cysts in the Rohingya. I read various facts in the mass media, including from TimeLine @herrynurdi (my friend, fellow writer). Herry Nurdi, God willing, knows the facts about the Rohingya. I got goosebumps to read the timeline around the Rohingya that has been compiled via chirpstory.
Anyway, one thing that needs to be known and noted is that in Syria and the current Rohingya the turbulent are the many victims of our Muslim brothers. In Syria the leader is tyrannical, in the Rohingya (Myanmar aka Burma), precisely in the area of ​​Rakhine or Arakan, our brothers are attacked, tortured and driven out by ethnic Arakan Buddhists. If you see the photos scattered on the internet, sad. Yes, sad because I myself can only pray for their safety. It's also sad because it can't help more than prayer.

Young Muslim friend, if you want to know more details, please searching in 'shaykh' google with keyword Syria or Rohingya. But of course I have to be cautious because on the internet the information is wrong and correctly mixed. As sophisticated as a search engine like Google, still can't sort out the correct info and choose which info is wrong, because the most important search task matches the keywords we enter. If you are confused, look for news about this on reliable news or Islamic information sites. If you get confused? Ask the cleric closest to where you live, who knows if you can help. You can also follow the 'Twitter' of Muslim journalists or Muslim intellectuals on Twitter. God willing, it can be used as a reference.

Save our brother!
With what? We don't have an army, we don't have a sophisticated war machine, we also have a lot of power in various parts of the country. With what do we save the Syrian and Rohingya Muslims?
Bro en Sis, it's not easy to answer questions from the call to save these Muslims in Syria and the Rohingya. But, we (should) have an argument like this. To save Muslim brothers and sisters in Syria and so on, and of course other Islamic countries, there are a few steps. First, make public opinion, that the problem of Syria and the Rohingya is the problem of the Muslims all over the world. Second, calling on Muslim rulers to abandon the capitalist system which has made misery billions of human beings on this earth - one of them capitalism with its 'faith' secularism has uplifted the glory of Muslims into secular alias separating religion from life and actually ignorant. Third, we can encourage Muslims throughout the world, especially the Arab world, to ask the local government to send its troops to 'tame' Bashar al-Assad and its allies who helped slaughter the Muslims there as well as help the Rohingya Muslims. God's Word:

"(But if they ask for help in your religion), then you are obligated to give" (QS al-Anfâl [8]: 72)

Fourth, we campaign and fight for the re-establishment of the Khilafah Islamiyah Daula. Countries that will implement Islam as an ideology and provide security to the Muslims, at the same time become a mainstay to fight the forces of countries that are in ideological opposition. Unlike now, we are fragmented in small countries without power.

Rasulullah saw. said: "The parable of the believers in terms of love, love and defense is like one body. If one member of his body feels sick (suffering), then (that) will spread to other members of the body with a feeling of fever and heat." (Bukhari and Muslim)

Rasulullah saw. has noted in the "Charter of Medina" the nature of such Muslims: Surely they are a people, free from the other human beings. ... The Believers, some of them are helper for others; free from the influence and power of other human beings. Indeed, the Believers are one, it is not permissible for a group of Believers to make peace without the other Believers in the war of fi sabilillah.

Allah Swt. said: "Verily the believers are brothers." (QS al-Hujurât [49]: 10)

So, we are brothers. And his name is also brother, meaning we should be willing to sacrifice for our other brothers. Yes, it's like a body, your stitches, my legs. Your part, is my part too. We always comply. Remember it.

Well, if it's like this, will we still be late in the Euro 2012 euphoria? Didekek his favorite team did not qualify in the group stage or more by making melow status because his favorite team in the European Cup title must defeat. Meanwhile, because we don't like the news or because we don't want to know about the news of the development of Muslims in Syria and the Rohingya (including in other countries), we finally feel comfortable. Not scary or angry. Idih, not really.

Bro en Sis rahimakumullah, ending the writing in this newsletter bulletin, we also should not allow the problems in Syria and Rohingya to protract, especially if it is to get help from the United Nations or other non-believers to help our brothers there. Duh, do not do it. At the same time, it is our responsibility, the Muslims. In addition, we can not just believe in people who are hostile to Islam. Remember the word of Allah Swt. which forbids making the unbelievers the helper of the Muslims. Allah Ta'ala says:

"O you who believe, do not make the unbelievers as a helper by leaving the Believers, and suppose you have a real reason for Allah (to torture you)." (QS an-Nisa' [4]: 144)

Okay, our friend needs to be aware and move. So wait more? From now on, we build ourselves with Islamic tsaqafah (sciences). Fill our minds with Islamic teachings. At least we are upgrade our abilities and knowledge, while continuing to spread Islamic preaching through various media. Hopefully the collective consciousness of the Muslims about the importance of the unity of the ummah to destroy the forces of the enemies of Islam is immediately realized and carried out. Insha Allah. Spirit! [solihin | Twitter: @osolihin]

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