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Hanung Short Film "Romi & Yuli from Cikeusik": Defending Ahmadiyah

JAKARTA - After the film "?" producing controvoresial results, Hanung Bramantyo returned to producing "junk" works. This time he made a short film titled "Romi and Yuli from Cikeusik"In this film, Hanung shows his empathy towards Ahmadis who have been misguided by the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI). It seems that Hanung has found his identity as a director of pluralism who likes to stir up the emotions of Muslims through his works which seem sarcasm and tendentious.

As a director, Hanung tried to visualize the poem essay entitled "On Behalf of Love" by Denny JA in a film about 43 minutes long with the main cast Zaskia Adya Mecca and Ben Kasyafani. Through the short film, Hanung wanted to uncover the facts of the attack on Ahmadiyah followers in Cikeusik from the perspective of the victim and convey the message that differences should not produce hatred.

It is said, in the short film "Romi and Yuli from Cikeusik", Juleha, who is usually called Yuli, came from a hardline Muslim family. While Rokhmat, who is usually called Romi, is an Ahmadiyah follower. Both love and plan to get married. But their plans changed after February 6, 2011, when mobs attacked the Ahmadiyya community in Romi's village, Cikeusik, and left four lives lost.

At the end of the film, Yuli and Romi were able to accept the difference, but their parents continued to insist that the Ahmadiyya is a heresy that deviates from true Islam. Their love was forced to run aground. In his prayer on the prayer mat, Yuli sobbed, chanting a painful prayer.

Throughout the film, actor Agus Kuncoro read Denny JA's poem, recounting part of the journey of the Ahmadiyya movement in Indonesia. Through the poem, among others, it was told how Ahmadiyya was declared heretical in 2005 and since then the masses attacked its followers several times. The wife of the 4th Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur), Sinta Nuriah who was present at the event, said such incidents showed failure to build tolerance.

"Week #BedaIsMe"
Recently, the #BedaIsMe Movement held "Week #BedaIsMe" as a form of concern for victims of violence in the name of religion. The #BedaIsMe movement was born on the anniversary of the Pancasila on June 1 "as a movement to bind the solidarity of fellow children of the nation to live and celebrate diversity in Indonesia and support the government in upholding the constitution and legal certainty."

The initial idea of ​​the movement, according to Firdaus, as the coordinator, was a response to various acts of violence by religious minorities who were attacked by certain groups. Such as sealing the Bogor Yasmin GKI, Filadelfia HKBP Bekasi, 17 Churches in Singkil Aceh, attacks on Shia Sampang residents, attacks on Ahmadiah, attacks on Irshad Manji and the ban on Lady Gaga's concerts.

On Sunday (10/1) afternoon, Hundreds of people joined in the #BedaIsMe movement also held a peaceful action which they called "The Great Apple I Love Indonesia" in front of the Merdeka Palace. The participants of the action included confessing from Hurin'In from Tanah Abang, representatives from the Singkil Aceh community, Ciputat Student Forum, and student representatives from STT Setia.

#BedaIsme Week has been opened with an exhibition of photos of violent newspapers in the name of religion at Tjikini Cafe on June 1 and continued on June 10 with a series of events called Apple Akbar, "I Love Indonesia" at Monas. During that time there was an act of solidarity with Little Monster who failed to watch Lady Gaga's concert, screened the films "Romi and Yuli from Cikeusik", and the grand "I Love Indonesia" and the "Diversity Concert: Tribute to the Victims of Religious Violence" concert from 18.30 WIB. The concert featured Local Ambient, Marginal, Jogja Hip Hop Foundation, Melanie Subono, and Superman Is Dead.

Sinta Nuriyah, who was present that night, read the address titled "I Love Indonesia, Stop Violence in the Name of Religion". Muklamat urges the government to stop acts of violence and human rights violations and take firm action against the perpetrators.

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