Sunday, June 3, 2012

Flame: Cyber ​​World CyberSounds That are Dangerous

Kaspersky Lab just discovered the latest cyber threat. The threat is present in the form of a very sophisticated malicious program. The program is named Flame. What can the Flame do? Check out this article to find the answer!

Flame is a malware found by Kaspersky Lab when conducting research initiated by International Telecommunication Union (THAT). Malware detected as Worm.Win32. This Flame was able to steal valuable information, including information about the victim's computer system, stored files, contact data, even conversations!

Comment on findingsFlamethis, Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and founder of Kaspersky Lab said, "Cyber ​​war risk has become one of the serious topics in terms of information security in recent years.StuxnetandDuqucomes from a chain of attacks, which raises concerns throughout the world regarding this cyber war. MalwareFlame seems to be another phase in this war and it is very important to understand that cyber weapons like this can easily be used to attack any country. Unlike conventional warfare, the more advanced a country is, the more it becomes the target of an attack. "

What is the main goal Flame? Apparently, Flame has become a cyber spy, by stealing information from infected machines. Then, the information that has been stolen will be sent to the command-and-contril server network that has locations in various parts of the world. Stolen information can take many forms, such as documents, screenshots, audio recordings, and network traffic interception, and this makes it the most advanced and most complete attack toolkit ever found. The exact vector of infection has not yet been revealed but it is clear that Flame is able to develop through local networks using several methods, including the method of printer vulnerability and USB infection done by Stuxnet.

Details about Flame still not clearly known. However, some things are certain, it turns out that this Flame consists of multiple modules and consists of several megabytes of executable code, making it about 20 times larger than Stuxnet! According to Kaspersky, to analyze the advanced Malware, a large team of world-level security experts and reverse engineers is needed with extensive experience in cyber defense.

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