Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Global 'Counter-Terrorism' Forum was held in Turkey

- Forum 'Counter-Terrorism' The global has been held in the Turkish capital, Istanbul, under the pretext that riots continue to threaten people throughout the world.
Delegates from more than 20 members of the country, including Indonesia, attended the summit, to formulate measures to 'improve security' through the implementation of the law.
The summit was headed by Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, held for two days 7-8 June 2012.

"Our country Turkey has been fighting terrorism for almost 30 years, fighting against PKK (Kurdistan Labor Party) terrorists. We have seen international solidarity from the international community. Turkey has also gained experience in this fight," Davutoglu said, quotedPresstv.
Meanwhile, Turkey had been criticized for its military attack last year which killed 35 people in a village on the grounds of seeking PKK militants.
Turkish authorities say that PKK members operate near the northern border between Turkey and Iraq.
The PKK is considered a 'terrorist' group by many countries, which took up arms against central government in Turkey in 1984.

The summit was held just days after the Iraqi Islamic missionary attack on US-NATO-led logistics terminal in Kandahar, killing 87 NATO-Afghan coalition forces.
Regarding the attack, the US appears to be asking for help from other countries to increase the war they say 'war on terror'.
During this summit in Istanbul, it was strikingly discussed about 'extremism' throughout the world which they considered to threaten the 'world'. But the problem seems to be forgotten about the victims of the US drone which in fact killed many innocent civilians, including women and children in Muslim countries and the US and its allies insisted that their attacks only targeted 'militants'.

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