Wednesday, June 27, 2012

FPI asked Olga Syahputra to apologize after harassing ari Shari'at Salam ’

JAKARTA -Chairman of DKI FPI DPD Habib Salim Bin Umar Al Attos (Habib Selon) said, Olga Syahputra had harassed Islam and had no right to live on the face of the earth.

"Anyone who harasses Islam, harasses the religion of Allah, has no place on earth, anyone else Olga. Greetings are not beggars, this is a prayer. People who give greetings pray, how come they are beggars, this is religious abuse," said Habib Selon. reported by Itoday, Monday (6/25).
Habib Selon questioned the religious status of Olga Syahputra who insulted the greeting. "Why doesn't he answer greetings. Answering greetings is mandatory. He is a Muslim or an infidel. The Chairperson of DKI FPI DPD questions Olga Islam or infidels," he explained
Habib Selon said, FPI would support the community that proposed Olga Syahputra to the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission. "FPI will support the people who complain about Olga to KPI," he explained.
Habib Selon also said that FPI would not remain silent about the act carried out by Olga Syahputra. "Don't mess with Olga, we won't stay silent, before Olga apologizes to Muslims," ​​explained Habib Selon.
In addition, he also criticized Olga's style of hate. "Men resemble women, it has violated Allah's heart and violated Allah's law, KPI has rebuked, FPI supports KPI's steps of artists who hate," he said.
Habib Selon said, FPI would also report Olga Syahputra to the police. "This can already involve religious harassment and can be submitted to law enforcement officials, police officers," concluded Habib Selon.
As reported previously, Olga Syahputra at the 'Fesbukers' program which aired live on ANTV, Tuesday (6/19). At that time, artist Julia Perez received live calls from viewers by greeting 'Assalammu'alaikum'. But Olga replied to Jupe by saying, "Lu Assalammu'alaikum continues ah, like a beggar."

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