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FPI Ready to Put Ratna Sarumpaet to Prison!

Jakarta - Sayings of SALAM is one of the most popular syiar in Islam. The Majesty of the Prophet Muhammad, has ordered every MUSLIM to spread this message. Because saying SALAM to fellow Muslims can establish brotherhood and affection. Saying greetings means that they respect each other and pray that they will be saved both in the world and in the hereafter.

It is mentioned in the Quran, the purpose of the word of Allah: "Whenever you are honored with salutations, then repay with the better or repay with the comparable, surely Allah counts all things." [An Nisa ': 86]

Please note, that the position of the greeting "ASSALAMU ALAIKUM" is different from other congratulations such as: Good Morning, Good Evening, Goodbye and so on. The difference is because the position of the words "ASSALAMU ALAIKUM" in Islam is an INDENTITY OF A MUSLIM.

In a number of authentic hadiths, the Prophet Muhammad, taught how Muslims should say and answer greetings, namely by saying 'ASALAMU ALAIKUM' and must answer 'WA ALAIKUM SALAM'. It is clearly seen that, in Islam, the saying 'ASSALAMU'ALAIKUM' is an IDENTITY which indicates that the speaker is a Muslim.

Prophet Muhammad SAW, said, the meaning of Hadith: "The Muslims' rights in the other Muslims are six", Then someone asks, "What are the six things?" He then SAW, said, the meaning of Hadith: When you meet, greet him. When you are invited, fill out the invitation ....... Dst, (Hadith of Muslim History).
Therefore, the statement of Olga Syahputra, who mentions "ASSALAMU 'ALAIKUM" as a CREATOR OF CHRIST, is HARM and PASSION OF RELIGION which has hurt Muslims, because Olga has insulted the teachings of Islam regarding the greeting.

Chairman of DKI FPI DPD Habib Salim Bin Umar Al Attas (Habib Selon) said, what background of Olga said these insulting words. Did he say that intentionally, or maybe just because of ignorance.
Until now there has been no official statement from Olga to LAUGH and request SORRY to Muslims. Because this is a big problem that Olga has made in public, the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), asked Olga to declare the law and ask MAAF for the Muslims officially and openly before the public.
If Olga does not ask MAAF openly to Muslims, then it means that there is an element of intent in his words. If that happens, the Olga statement can be categorized as a RELIGION OF RELIGION which is a Criminal Act. In this case FPI will file a legal claim in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Blasphemy of Religion.
The solution to this problem is actually very simple. That is, if Olga feels guilty for accidentally (not understanding about the position of the words 'ASSALAMU ALAIKUM'), then please apologize openly to the Muslims, and finish the problem.

However, the solution to the problem that was really simple became widespread everywhere when a liberal activist Ratna Sarumpaet intervened in matters that were not her business, and slandered the Chairperson of DKI FPI DPD Habib Salim Al Attas (Habib Selon) and FPI through mass media.
Below is one of the slanderous news against FPI that was spread by liberal activists SEPILIS Ratna Sarumpaet as follows:

Ratna Sarumpaet: FPI Threatens Olga, To Win Profits

itoday - The efforts of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) that threaten comedian Olga Syahputra, are more of a particular interest, one of which is material affairs.
The comment was conveyed by cultural observer Ratna Sarumpaet to itoday (25/6) addressing the FPI's threat to Olga Syahputra who was considered to be harassing Islam. Olga in her joke calls the greeting 'Assalammu Alaikum' as a beggar's greeting.

"FPI behind the desk has always had an interest. If I say this is called slander. I hang out with people who have been treated inhumanely by the FPI. We have a million reasons to dissolve FPI. FPI works only makes it wrong. The police look stupid, the president also looks stupid, all stupid because of FPI, " said Ratna.

According to Ratna, Olga's problem was only a matter of technical error. "I am sure Olga has no intention of harassing. I know Olga. Olga has no interest. I think Olga is not wrong, she is not likely to harass Islam. Expressing greetings like beggars, if not seen from the context, will be sensitive. this is only a technical error, "said Ratna.

Ratna also reminded Olga to be careful when it comes to religion, let alone greetings 'Assalammu Alaikum'. Religious issues are sensitive. All parties can find fault easily because of the sensitivity of religion.

"For me, what KPI task is? I don't understand, if Olga is wrongly hit immediately? The people must be educated to look at the context. On the one hand, I ask citizens who protest to see the context and not judge," said Ratna.
Furthermore, Ratna also requested that all parties be careful because religious issues are often used by certain parties to lead the race.
In particular, Ratna also criticized the reactionary attitude of DKI Jakarta FPI Chairperson Habib Selon. "Even if I don't say, I never thought about it. Selon felt he was a figure, but as a character he didn't see the problem as an adult. This is someone who always heated up his group. If FPI wants to bring this case to legal matters, please," concluded Ratna.

The accusation of Ratna Sarumpaet who said that FPI had the MATERIAL INTEREST in the Olga case was the KEJI FITNAH against the FPI mass organization. Therefore, the FPI will bring baseless accusations made by Ratna Sarumpaet to the legal realm of defamation against the FPI which has been widely disseminated through the mass media.

According to Habib Salim Bin Umar Al Attas, as Chair of the Jakarta FPI regarding the accusation, that I always heated up my group, it was precisely Ratna Sarumpaet who liked to heat up the community by spreading hatred and against the government. Anyone knows that many students are ridden by Ratna Sarumpaet to demonstrate for the sake of themselves and their groups. So actually, Ratna Sarumpaet in this case is like a thief who yells at a thief.

In his remarks in the mass media, Ratna Sarumpaet said there were MILLION reasons to dissolve FPI. Apparently the person concerned was not aware that Habib Salim Selon also had a MONEY ONE reason to put Ratna Sarumpaet in prison.

Official Answer for MEDIA from Habib Salim (Selon) Alattas:
1. Olga's statement which mentions "ASSALAMU 'ALAIKUM" as the words of the MINISTER is the RELIGION OF RELIGION that has hurt Muslims.
2. Until now there is no official statement from Olga to repent and apologize. This is a big problem that Olga made before the public, so Olga must express repentance and apologize formally and openly in public.
3. RELIGION DIRECTION is a Criminal Act, then FPI will process it legally in accordance with the provisions of the Act.
4. Ratna Sarumpaet's Allegation Problem, that FPI has MATERIAL INTEREST in Olga's case is FITNAH, so FPI will also process Ratna Sarumpaet's law for slander which has been disseminated through Electronic media.
5. The matter of the accusation that I, as the Chairperson of the Jakarta FPI, always heated up my group, so as far as I know, Ratna Sarumpaet likes to infuriate people to hate and oppose the government, and many students are ridden for their interests. So this Ratna Sarumpaet is MALING SHOOTING MALING.
6. If Ratna Sarumpaet said that there were SEJUTA reasons to dissolve FPI, then I also said there was a MILLION ONE reason to put Ratna Sarumpaet in jail.

Jakarta, 06 Sha'ban 1433 H / 26 June 2012 M.

Habib Salim Bin Umar Al Attas / Habib Selon

(Chairperson of DKI Jakarta DPD FPI)

IWD/The Truth Seeker Media

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