Saturday, June 23, 2012

Movement of the Community Love Halal & Traditional Cuisine Declared in Solo

Along with the presence of food invasions from abroad which are increasingly rapidly increasing, it will gradually get rid of traditional foods that are characteristic of each region. It could be that in the future traditional food will disappear by itself. There is not enough foreign food that does not pay attention to halal status or not. So that consumers are not protected by themselves.

Respond to that then Movement of the Community Love Halal & Traditional Cuisine launched. Sunday (17/6) at Dapoer Bistik Restaurant, located at Jl. National Awakening 62. A number of invited guests were deliberately invited from culinary entrepreneurs in Solo.

Joko Tri Harmanto as chairman of the movement in his speech said that this movement was a social movement which became a means to exchange ideas against food entrepreneurs who carry the halal concept.

"Halal meaning here is also not only related to food but also relates to the presentation and personal procedures of employees who are in the business," he said.
"Thus, in the future the professionalism of traditional traders can be equal and not inferior to food entrepreneurs from abroad," he added as quoted Fujama.

For this reason, Joko Tri Harmanto asked all parties to participate and support the movement's steps. Present at the event, Chairman of the MUI Solo Prof. Zainal Arifin Adnan along with administrators, Chair of the Solo Islamic Organizations and also the Board of PWI (Indonesian Journalists Association) Solo Bekti city. While the Mayor of Solo was unable to attend because of something.

In his speech, the Chairman of the MUI solo said that if halal food can certainly bring benefits because it contains clean and free of disease. "Many people are sick because of improper eating patterns and eating any food," he said.

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