Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ghurabaa (Militant Tauhid) Will Open Ghurabaa Cafe In Bekasi

After one year more people are confused if they want to get together with the community Ghurabaa (Militant Tauhid). Good news is now heard from the mobilizers of Ghurabaa (Militant Tauhid). God willing, in June 2012, the Ghurabaa (Militant Tauhid) Economic Development Department will release Ghurabaa Cafe.

Ghurabaa Cafe is a facility that is part of the Ghurabaa (Militant Tauhid) program to make it easier for community friends to make appointments and get together - get together. Located in the village of Jati Makmur - Pondok Gede Bekasi Ghurabaa Cafe 01 Branch will soon be opened this month.

"The concept is still an ordinary shop, there are instant coffee, boiled indomie, piscok, ginger, and special Yogurt and Es Pisang Ijo products. Later there will also be Ghurabaa Distro. Ghurabaa Cafe and Ghurabaa Distro which will be an inseparable package" Obviously Edward Nusantara director of the Ghurabaa Economic Development Department (Militant Tawheed).

Not only for the Ghurabaa (Militant Tauhid) community, this Cafe is open to the public and young people who want to let go of tired and late after a day of work can enjoy a variety of dishes at this cafe.

"After Bekasi and East Jakarta, God willing, we will also open a branch in Surabaya, just wait for the date of the game, we will focus on our first branch first," added Septiansyah Bachtiar, one of the managers in Ghurabaa Cafe management.

Currently, the procurement of goods for the cafe itself has been running for 90%, just repainting and perfecting accessories, let's wait for the news before we flock to enliven the Cafe which will be the center of the crowd of slang, current and certainly not violating the positive value already regulated in religion. Ahlan Wa Sahlan Ghurabaa Cafe, our shared hangout.

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