Monday, June 11, 2012

Gramedia published a book containing the insults of the Prophet Muhammad

JAKARTA -Regarding the publication of a book entitled '5 influential cities in the World' written by Douglas Wilson by Gramedia, which contained insults towards the Prophet Muhammad. Member of the Commission for the Study of the Indonesian Ulema Council, Ustadz Fahmi Salim asked Gramedia publishers to withdraw immediately and apologize to Muslims.

"Gramedia must withdraw the book from the market and apologize to Muslims. To be sure, the publication of a book has passed a very strict editorial selection so Gramedia must be responsible for the publication of this book."

Ustadz Fahmi continued, he regretted the attitude of Gramedia editors who should be responsive to these sensitive problems and could hurt the feelings of Muslims.
"And if the translator and book editor already know that there are statements from the author Douglas Wilson that hurt Muslims should not be recommended to be printed Gramedia and distributed in the middle of a majority Muslim Indonesia."
Although he did not want to question the motive for publishing the book, he did, reaffirming his demands to Gramedia to withdraw the book from circulation.
"Regardless of the intentional or negligent element, rice has become porridge so I hope that all the books that have been circulating in the shops will be withdrawn immediately," said Wasekjen, the Indonesian Intellectual and Young Ulama (MIUMI) assembly.

As reported by the Republika Daily (republika voice, Hal. 4, HU Republika) on Friday (06/06/2012). It was revealed a book published in Gramedia entitled 'The 5 Most Influential Cities in the World 'Douglas Wilson's writings deeply insulted the Prophet Muhammad.
When discussing the City of Jerusalem on p. 24, it is written: "Then he (Muhammad) married several other women. He became a robber and pirate, ordering an attack on the Meccan caravans.
Two years later, Muhammad ordered a series of persuasions to gain control of Medina, and in 630 AD he conquered Mecca. "Likewise on page 25, second and third paragraphs. There Douglas interpreted that the religion brought by the Prophet Muhammad was always upheld with a sword.
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