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Governor Zuhud That Becomes Cool in the Market

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Among the most devastating wars is Khandaq War. At that time the Jews of Medina committed a conspiracy with Mushrikin Makkah which consisted of various groups, and joined together to destroy Muslims in Medina.

The blockade was carried out by the joint army, supported by internal sabotage by Jews. The people of Medina had begun to be seized with exhaustion and despair, hunger and lack of enthusiasm, while at any time enemy soldiers would invade fiercely.

In that confusion a name appeared to the surface, a name that had not been too calculated belonging to a young convert born in Persia. He is Salman, nicknamed the Pharisees according to his bloodshed. This young man suggested that a long ditch be excavated and encircled the city of Medina.

The Prophet welcomed the idea happily. And that is the beginning of the awakening of the spirit of the Muslims to defend its sovereignty and the beginning of the destruction of the enemies of the Muslims.

Since then the name of Salman al Farisi is up. In the reign of Umar bin Khaththab, Salman enlisted for a military expedition to Persia. He wanted to free his people from the grip of the Persians of Persian Kisra Imperium who strangled his people with oppression and cruelty. To build the palace of Iwan Kisra alone, thousands of ordinary people were forced to sacrifice, not a little bit of feeling tucked in the heart of the king.

Under the leadership of Panglima Sa'ad bin Abi Waqash, the Muslim army finally succeeded in occupying Persia, and guided his people wisely towards the peace of Islam. In Qadisiyah, the courage and heroism of Salman al-Farisi is so amazing that friends and opponents put their respect on him.

But that was not what made Salman shed tears of renewal when he received the arrival of the Caliph courier from Medina. He felt his services had not been large, but the Caliph had resolutely made a decision that Salman was appointed to become the emir of Madain.

Umar wisely appointed an emir from the tribe and local area. Therefore he did not want to disappoint the leaders who chose him, moreover he did not want to be wrathed by God because he did not fulfill his obligations responsibly.

So Salman often mingled in the middle of society without showing himself as amir. So that many do not know that the one who is in and out of the market, who is sitting in a coffee shop chatting with the coolies is the governor.

On a sweltering afternoon, a merchant from Syam was having trouble taking care of his luggage. Suddenly he saw a stocky man in worn clothes. He called him immediately; "Hi, coolie, come here! Bring this item to the shop across the street." Without arguing at all, obediently the worn-out man carried the heavy and large package to the intended shop.

While crossing the road, someone recognized the coolie. He immediately greeted with respect, "O, Amir. Let me take it." The merchant was startled as he asked the person, "Who is he? Why do you call a coolie Amir?" He replied, "Don't you know, sir, if that person is our governor?" With a limp body as he stooped he apologized to the 'hired servant' which turned out to be Salman al Farisi.

"Please forgive me, sir, I do not know, sir is the state of Madain," said the trader. "Place it, sir. Let me carry it myself." Salman shook his head, "No, this job I can, and I'll take him to the store you mean."

After all his body was full of sweat, Salman put his luggage in the store, he said, "This job has nothing to do with my governance, I have received your order to lift this item here, and I have to do it until it is finished. Muslims to relieve the burden of his brother? "

The merchant just shook his head. He did not understand how a high-ranking person was willing to be sent as a coolie. Why are there no guards or signs of greatness indicating that he is a governor?

He probably did not know, that's why the attitude of a leader according to Islamic teachings. Not proud of his position, but he was demanded to be low in front of his people. Because of the fact that being a leader is a servant. Yes like, Salman Al Farisi, Governor Zuhud who is a porter in the Market.

(Novelan, Source: The Patience Story)

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