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Professor of Makassar UIN: The Prophet Has Died, The Qur'an Needs To Be Revised

Located at the Alauddin UIN Theater Lecture, Samata starting at around 10:00 WITA - 13:00 WITA, activists #IndonesiaTanpaJIL the Makassar region in collaboration with the BEM-Faculty of Health Sciences held a discussion about Liberal Islam by presenting two speakers.

The discussion was interesting because it presented two speakers who had different thought backgrounds between those who rejected Liberal Islam and those who supported Islamic liberalism.

In the anti-JIL camp represented by Akmal Sjafril, MPd.I, while in the anti-JIL camp was represented by Professor of the Ushuluddin and Philosophy Faculty (FUF) Makassar Alauddin UIN Prof. Dr. HM. Qasim Mathar.

Starting talks about the definition of religion, Prof. Qasim made several controversial statements that made the discussion 'interesting'. Among the controversial statements of graduates of the Jakarta IAIN Doctoral program are:

"It will not disbelieve a person whose religion is Islam although he deviates from the teachings of Islam," he said as reported byZilqiah Angraini, One of the #IndonesiaTanpaJIL activists through a Twitter account.

"Do not yell at infidels to fellow Muslims," ​​said the professor of the Faculty of Ushuluddin and Philosophy (FUF) of Makassar's Alauddin UIN. "

"The religious people are like playing ball in the field, the ball you kick where the ball is going to be infidels."

"Don't limit the interpretation of the Koran because the future generation is better than the old generation."

"There should be no polygamy in Islam, because perfect marriage is only monogamy."

"If the community is safe with the presence of liberal Islam, then don't disturb the comfort of the community anymore."

"God is never in front of us, never in the seat of the MPR. Sovereignty is not in God's hands."

"Science is moving forward not backwards. Islam should be so too."

"Those who claim to be Prophets after the Prophet Muhammad, yes it's up to him. That's the sign that he wants to be recorded in history. So let it go."

"The Messenger of Allah has died, the contents of the Qur'an need to be revised because it no longer fits."

Furthermore, Prof. Qasim also said that now the Prophet was gone. According to him, it only becomes a dream if Muslims want to homogenize understanding of Islam.

The Professor also explained that because the Prophet had died, he said that the contents of the Qur'an needed to be revised because according to him it was no longer suitable for the times.

He stated that he did not care about people who want to fast or not, want to widen when. "Leave it alone, because Islam is fair," said the Makassar-born professor on August 21, 1947, as reported by Zilqiah.

Prof. Pro-Qasim JIL urged Muslims not to be instilled and need not be united, he advised to stop thinking about inviting people to unite.

The Professor of History and Islamic Thought later closed statementwith the phrase, "don't dream and be busy thinking about uniforming Muslims. tired later."

The discussion about Liberal Islam on Thursday afternoon (6/21) was closed with the presentation of a memento to the speaker. To Prof. Dr. Qasim Mathar, the committee gave a memento, one of which was the #IndonesiaTanpaJIL shirt.

* To read the statements please open the following link:Controversial Statement of Qasim Professor of UIN Makassar in Discussion on #IndonesiaTanpaJIL Makassarand orFrom Discussion on Liberal Islam 101 UIN Makassar.

* Caption description: Prof. Dr. Qasim Mathar

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