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Enchanted Non-Muslim Teacher Islamic School

Receive a job as an English teacher at Al-Noor Academy, Rick Booth get good impressions from Muslim students.

"Moral awards are spectacular," said Booth, a former journalist for more than 30 years in the newspaper The Sun Westerly in Rhode Island, say to Boston GlobeSunday, June 3.
"I tried to fight, but I fell in love with this place. I found a home here."

Al-Noor Academy
is a junior and senior high school established in September 2000 to serve the Muslim community in Greater Boston and northern Rhode Island. The curriculum covers all subjects taught in public schools in the state of Massachusetts plus the religion of Islam and Arabic.

Joining the school staff in May 2011, many things at the school were foreign to Booth. For example, five times a day prayer school students become customary in the school. The school also starts with the recitation of Qur'anic verses. Showing his respect for the activities of his Muslim students and fellow teachers, Booth also displayed ethics in his teaching activities.

According to one student, Firas Al-Shaar, Booth usually gave a lot of homework, but made an exception during the Islamic holiday.

"If we have a special holiday, he won't give us a lot of homework," he said.
Teaching Muslim students at Al-Noor school has changed many of Booth's perceptions. With the presence of Muslim students who wear long and loose headscarves, Booth sees it as a way of the Koran to protect women and also give light to their faces.
"They are simple. They think like girls in America 60 years ago."

Seeing high ambitions among students, like many of them who want to become doctors, Booth sees students in Al Nour school as a dream for every teacher to be motivated, confident, and diligent in the teaching and learning process.

ket photo: illustration of Muslim students while at school

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