Saturday, June 9, 2012

Habib Rizieq: Blocking Sharia Regulations is Criminal Actions

JAKARTA - Implementation plan Sharia Perda in Tasikmalaya continued to get opposition from various circles. From the start of Indonesian House of Representatives member Nurul Arifin, Minister of Home Affairs Gamawan Fauzi, even PBNU General Chair Said Aqil Siraj joined in opposing the Perda.

Different attitudes are shown Islamic Defenders Front (FPI). Chairperson of FPI, Habib Rizieq Syihab fully support the planned implementation of Sharia Perda in various regions. According to him, the enactment of Sharia Regional Regulations in various regions, including in Tasikmalaya is an absolute regional right in accordance with its autonomy. The regulation also does not conflict with the constitution which upholds the values ​​of the One and Only God and at the same time guarantees the freedom to carry out religious teachings.

He considered the attitude of the Minister of Home Affairs Gamawan Fauzi who was anti-Shari'a Perda needed to be corrected. "The attitude of the Minister of Home Affairs which is anti Sharia Perda on the pretext of being contrary to a higher law must be corrected, because the highest law in Indonesia is in accordance with the Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution is the law of God Almighty, namely the law of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala," said Habib Rizieq via message brief to, Thursday (06/08/2012).
"It is precisely the rules of the central government that are contrary to the law of God Almighty which must be canceled because it is contrary to the highest law," he continued.

Meanwhile, responding to Said Aqil Siraj's comments stating Syariah Regulation in Tasikmalaya will raise the problem, Habib Riziq sees that Said Aqil is a problem.
"As for the statement of the PBNU Chairperson, Said Aqil Siraj, that the Sharia regulations are problematic, it is precisely to my knowledge that Said Aqil has always had problems with Islamic Sharia," he stressed.

Not to forget, Habib Rizieq also highlighted the statement of the former artist who is now a member of the Indonesian Parliament from the Golkar faction that Sharia regulations are discriminatory as silly and stupid statements.
"The statement from Nurul Arifin from Golkar that discriminatory Sharia Regulations is ridiculous and stupid, because the Sharia Regional Regulation was made specifically for Muslims and not forced on non-Muslims, as the Compilation of Islamic Law (KHI) related to religious courts that had been valid in Indonesia since the Dutch East Indies until now, "he explained.

On the contrary, Habib Rizieq Syihab emphasized that banning and blocking Sharia Perda is discriminatory and even criminal.
"In my opinion, actually banning and preventing the enactment of Sharia Perda is discriminatory and unconstitutional, even criminal!" he said.

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