Monday, June 18, 2012

Habib Rizieq Asks the National Police Chief to Capture the Site Admin

The sites that insult Islam and the Prophet Muhammad,, are requested to be closed. Not only that, the admin sites of the apostates and infidels who insulted Islam were also asked to be arrested.

"Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Dear National Police Chief. Hopefully you and the National Police are successful in carrying out their duties. Please help Muslims to stop the IFF website:, because the content is very attacking Islam and insulting the Messenger of Allah ", said FPI Ketum Habib Rizieq Syihab via a short message received Suara Islam Online, Friday afternoon (6/15/2012).

Habib Rizieq explained that the IFF website is a branch site of Faithfreedom International (FFI) whose servers are in the United States. This site was founded by an Iranian apostate who now lives in Canada, his alias Ali Sina. "The admin in Indonesia is an Islamic infidel extremist," Habib Rizieq said.

According to Habib, this site was in 2008hack by Muslim hackers who finally closed. But apparently in 2010 the site was active again because of the cause mirroring serverit's from the US. The Indonesian government has also blocked this site through system newsletters, but there are still many blogs thatrepost from the source.

"So that it can still be opened through antinawala. Moreover, the IP is always changing, making it difficult to track", explained Habib Rizieq.

Therefore Habib Rizieq hopes that the police through its Cyber ​​Crime division will be able to track and capture the admin of those sites in Indonesia. "The Indonesian government must also be able to completely close the site, so that it cannot be reopened forever. syukran", he concluded.

Site indeed very disturbing Muslims. This site was haphazard and blindly attacked, insulted and blamed Islam and the Prophet. In addition, it also contains blasphemy from people who claim to have been Muslim, aka the apostates.

Undergroundtauhid/The Truth Seeker Media

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