Thursday, June 7, 2012

Breivik Case Judge Raises During Trial

One of the five judges in the trial against terrorists Anders Behring Breivik has been caught on camera playing solitaire online during the trial.

Newspaperthe Daily Mailreported, Tuesday (5/6), this embarrassing incident occurred at a hearing in the capital city of Oslo yesterday. Norwegian television managed to record the actions of Judge Ernst Henning Eielsen who did not hear witness statements and instead played computer games. Even though this follow-up session presented the testimony of a ballistic expert, a Swedish professor.

Spokesperson for the Oslo Court, Irene Ramm, defending the judge's actions. He guaranteed Eielsen remained concentrated at hearing the witness's statement, although he admitted that the judge opened the game because he was a little bored. "Judge Eielsen always follows the progress of the trial. It's just that, everyone has different ways of focusing," Ramm said.

"Attentive judges follow what is said and what is presented in court," Ramm added.

It was reported that Eielsen's browser window had run the game for up to 16 minutes before the trial was postponed for lunch.

Not this time the judge of the Breivik case has been involved in a problem. Two months ago, a member of the panel of judges, Thomas Indreboe, resigned because he wrote the status of the case on Facebook. He said Breivik should be sentenced to death.

Breivik underwent a further trial to assess whether he was sane or not. He is a Christian fundamentalist who blew up a government building in Oslo and shot dead young men who were camping on Utoya Island on the July 22, 2011 incident. This man's brutal action killed 77 people.

The series of courts scheduled to run for a maximum of 10 weeks are trying to decide whether Breivik must be jailed or enter a mental hospital. Norway does not recognize the death penalty. So, even if it is proven sane, Breivik will be jailed for a maximum of 21 years.

Terrorists who act alone refuse to be considered insane. He claimed to be very sane during the trial. This man said his action was based on hatred for Norwegian policies that were increasingly friendly to immigrant Muslims from Turkey and the Middle East.

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