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West Human Rights and Unjust Tolerance

On December 10, 1948 the United Nations ratified the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is structured as an effort to create a world of justice and the establishment of cooperation that is useful for humans throughout the world regardless of race and religion.

But it turns out that the Declaration of the Universal Declaration has from the beginning been controversial. The concept of human rights tends more towards humanism. Even though humanism is always confronted with religions. The declaration is also still discriminatory. The UN does not involve African Asian countries. Precisely the declaration was compiled by a number of superpower Western Countries.

Several envoys from various countries had requested the items of the Universal Declaration to be revised. And the conditions are made more justly by incorporating concepts based on religion both spiritually and responsibly. Inner meetings Project on Religion and Human Right in New York in July 2003 and the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at McGill, Montreal, Canada was utilized by Islamic countries. The meeting resulted Universal Deklaration of Human Right by the World Religions. But still, the concept of human rights still marginalizes religion.

Islamic rights have not yet gotten a place. Islamic representatives question articles 16 and 18. About the right to carry out religious teachings and interfaith marriages. The aspirations of Muslims are stuck. It turned out that there were restrictions and reduction in carrying out the teachings in full.

Indeed, because the basis is secular humanism, there is no free place for religion, especially Islam. The rights to obey and implement the teachings of Islam are limited. What is limiting is secularism. The secular-humanist ideology according to Dr. Anis Malik Thoha is one of the faces of the trend of pluralism. This ideology is characterized by anthropocentricity, namely to regard humans as the central essence of the cosmos. Epistemologically, humans are the source of truth, God's truth cannot be reached.

Spirit of humanism is the disclosure of absolute metaphysical truths. It is an ancient ideology that values ​​humans as the only regulator of values. The base can be traced in the 5th century BC. Populated by the philosopher Protagoras. Protagoras, who is also a figure of Greek Sophists, said that humans are the only standard for everything, not religious doctrine.

Therefore this idology has never been successful in compromising with religion. So it is not surprising if we often encounter secular Western discrimination against Islam. Because in truth, it is not a place of justice for religion, especially Islam.

Strangely, those accused of being intolerant by the UN are actually Indonesian Muslims. As recently as a report from the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland, 23 May 2012, which wrote that Indonesia is a Muslim country that is intolerant. Herein lies the unfair. In Switzerland the tower is prohibited. Adhan is prohibited from being hardened. But this country has never been called a tolerant country. Precisely in Indonesia, non-Islamic religions are free to live. In Western countries there is no religious minority holiday being a national holiday. But in Indonesia it never fought. Churches and Vihara are free, not disturbed. Non-Muslim students can still study their religion in public schools. In Europe it has not been found as tolerant. But why not question? Obviously because Europe is secular, while Indonesia is religious.

Note that there is a lot of Western intolerance, but has never been processed by law. written by the Washington Post on November 25, 2006, a member of the British Parliament, Jack Straw, arrogantly asked Muslim women to take off their veils when they entered his office. Islam and Muslims are still looked down on and the lower classes need to be suspected. Some time ago Sheikh Yusuf Qardhawi was banned from entering the French country.

These facts actually show that Western civilization has not been able to learn about tolerance. The factor is secularism - which is a Western ideology - does not teach tolerance to religions. Secularism and liberalism marginalize religion and oppress the central doctrines of religion.

So, who must study that tolerance is Western secular to Islam. Not the Muslims who are learning tolerance to them.

In Islam, tolerance (samahah) is a hallmark of the teachings. Islam encourages its people to be tolerant, mutually beneficial, harmonious, and dynamic lives among humanity regardless of their religion, language, and race (QS Al-Mumtahanah: 8-9).

Although Islam does not provide safety claims against followers of other religions, Islamic teachings do not allow castration and attacks on followers of other religions. Islam considers other religions to be untrue, but that does not mean that these claims legitimize attacks without cause. Warfare in Islam was seated as a preventative effort (tadafu '), did not place it as a conflict (shira ') The vision of Islam maintains harmony and coexistence between groups, through preventive efforts rather than conflict.

Therefore, the claim of truth actually does not hinder other converts to settle their affairs according to what is contained in their scriptures. This is different from the ideology of secularism. Secularism restricts religious rights in public spaces. While Islam gives permission.

Such Islamic tolerance has long been practiced by the Prophet Shallahu 'alaihi wa sallam in Medina. Then it was continued by the caliphs in Baghdad and Andalusia. Bernard Lewis acknowledges Islamic tolerance. In The Jews of Islam he said that the Jews felt safe living under the auspices of Muslims for centuries. They were not repressed or deprived of their rights, even had the opportunity to go to study institutions. The Jews were only criticized for their disbelief, but they still retained their rights.

In the Islamic system there is a concept kafir dzimmi.God does not forbid doing good to kafir dzimmi, ie the infidels who make agreements with Muslims in avoiding war and not helping other infidels in fighting the Muslims. This verse also indicates that God does not forbid being fair in treating them. Kafir dzimmi it is protected because of being obedient to the Islamic leadership and not spreading error to Muslims. Even Muslims are prohibited from doing tyranny ahl al-dzimmi this.

So, if you want to be fair, the West should need to learn from Islam. While the Muslims need to explore their history properly - where tolerance is so great to be practiced without discrimination. Muslims do not need to be inferior by offering concepts of secular rights. Because the true concept of Islam has been perfect.

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