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Hani Yahya Assegaf, The Zionist Agent Was Arrested In Agile Gambling Arena

JAKARTA - Jewish Zionist agent, founder of the Israeli-Indonesian lobby, Hani Yahya Assegaf alias Hans Sagov, yesterday, Wednesday (6/6) at 17.30 WIB West Jakarta Police Detective Unit was arrested when conducting gambling raids "agile ball" under the guise of a charitable foundation, in Taman Duta Mas Complex Blok D8 No.3, Jelambar Baru Village, Grogol Petamburan District, West Jakarta.

As is known, Hani Yahya Assegaf or Hans Sagov himself, was the son of Yahya Assegaf who claimed to be a BIN official. Yahya Assegaf is the person behind the reporting of false information to the United States Embassy in Jakarta, which said that FPI is an 'attack dog' of the Indonesian National Police. For this action, Munarman had a chance to polemic with Hani Assegaf, who ended up filing Munarman's lawyer office.

While Hani Assegaf himself is one of the founders of the NGO Zionist Jewish accomplice, Indonesian-Israel Public Affair Comitte/ IIPAC (Israeli lobby for Indonesia) and was once the committee of the Israeli Anniversary in Jakarta and in Puncak, Bogor last year which had shocked the Indonesian public.

Even though a large banner with the Azizah Foundation reads in the room, the gambling practice caused restlessness among the local residents. The officer moved to take action.

Head of West Jakarta Police Criminal Investigation Unit, Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Police Hengky Haryadi said, the disclosure was based on information from the surrounding community about the existence of gambling criminal activities. In its action, the owner of the gambling arena known as Hani Yahya Assegaf argued that the gambling proceeds would be donated to the Azizah Foundation.

"We can reveal this place, and secure several machines under the guise of gambling for charitable foundations, to help children in the name of the Azizah Foundation," Hengky said at the crime scene on Wednesday (6/6).

West Jakarta Police Police's commitment to combat gambling in the West Jakarta jurisdiction is truly realized. The police managed to secure some evidence from the results of the raid, namely 20 Mickey Mouse gambling machines, thousands of chips that were worth Rp100 thousand, Rp500 thousand, and up to Rp1 million rupiah, Mobile phones, homemade revolver firearms, six bullets, and seven rolled marijuana .
"This cannot be tolerated. This is a manifestation of our commitment, there is no gambling in West Jakarta, there is no compromise on gambling. What is detained is 14 employees including players and managers, the owner is Hani Yahya Assegaf," he explained.

State Secrets Hunter

As previously reported Wikileaks revealed, a diplomatic wire dated February 19, 2006, called members of the Yahya Assegaf State Intelligence Agency close to FPI. Yahya also warned the US embassy of the FPI's protest against the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Yahya also stated that the FPI was an "attack dog" for the police.

BIN agent Yahya Assegaf then dragged his son's name, Hani Yahya Assegaf. Hani, aka Han Sagov, with Benjamin Ketang, was involved in establishing Indonesia Israel Public Affairs Committee (IIPAC), an NGO that is a Jewish Zionist agent in the world of Israel in Indonesia. A conspiracy to destroy the Islamic movement

According to Munarman, what Yahya conveyed to the embassy was the same as selling state information. Moreover, Yahya through his son Hani Y Assegaf apparently founded the Indonesia Israel Public Affair Committee (IIPAC). The committee had made a scene with the celebration of Israeli independence. "The American stooge and Zionist stooge Israel really like to spread slander and issue for money," Munarman said.

It is an open secret if Israeli Zionism tries to enter Indonesia by justifying all kinds of methods. After the disclosure of the secret arrival of Amira Arnon, the Israeli Ambassador to Singapore, to Jakarta on March 20-27, there is now a document that shows the name of Hani Yahya Assegaf-anak from BIN agent Yahya Assegaf - founder of the Indonesian Israel Public Affairs Comitte NGO ( IIPAC), together with Benjamin Ketang, as Director of IIPAC.

In the IIPAC Deed of Establishment document registered through Notary Nirmawati Marcia SH in Jakarta dated January 21, 2002, the names of the founders of IIPAC were recorded, namely as many as 5 people, namely: 1) Benjamin Ketang 2) Mr. Sakata Barus, 3) Mr. Poppe Alexander Z, 4) Mr. Hani Yahya Assegaf aka Han Sagov, 5) Mr. Y. Gatot Prihandono, SSI.

In Article 2 the Deed of Establishment describes the purpose of IIPAC, namely to establish cooperation with Israeli institutions, International Jews, and protect the rights of Jews and Jewish descendants in Indonesia and promote business, investment, IT and higher education cooperation with universities in the whole world.

Attack FPI

After announcing and uncovering the involvement of BIN agent Yahya Assegaf in Wikileaks leaks that slandered FPI, on Tuesday (6/09/2011), Munarman, he was terrorized by a group claiming to be the men of Yahya Assegaf, people, on average wearing thugs, who came to his house, Wednesday (07/09/2011), precisely in the afternoon.

Several people from Yahya Assegaf also came to his office in Tanah Abang, and also to the FPI office in Petamburan. In his office there are some people who come and look around, also with the appearance of thugs, even though they don't leave any messages.

In the FPI office, according to Munarman, the ones who came were Yahya Assegaf's children, namely Hani Yahya Assegaf, who also had the surname Han Sagov, and was the founder of IIPAC, an Israeli Zionist Israeli accomplice in Indonesia. At the FPI office, according to Munarman, Hani Assegaf said that this matter was a private matter between him and Munarman, and had nothing to do with FPI, which according to Munarman was also a form of terror to him.

Voa-Islam/The Truth Seeker Media

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