Sunday, June 3, 2012

Remove the Cross Logo, Madrid Receives Permit to Build a Rp. 9.5 T Resort in the United Arab Emirates

After officially announcing the removal of the cross on the club logo, the giant Spanish football club Real Madrid get big profits from the financial side. The removal of the image of the cross was done in order to strengthen the fan base among Muslims in the Middle East.

According to Spanish sports daily reports, Brand, changes are made to "avoid any form of confusion or misinterpretation in the region, where the majority of the Los Blancos fan population is Muslim."
The Madrid said, its decision to eliminate the cross from its logo was only a step towards developing business globally. But critics criticized the move as one more erosion of European culture.

Madrid's move that sparked the controversy made them get a big project in the Middle East. They were given permission to build a sports resort in the United Arab Emirates worth 1 billion US dollars, or around Rp 9.5 trillion.

Reported by RepublicThe foundation of the development on the 50-hectare land has been carried out and is scheduled to open for public service starting January 2015. The complex will include a hotel with 450 luxury rooms, luxury villas, sports ports and the first time in the world of football stadiums that are the sea.

The Madrid representative said the resort would be the first amusement park on an artificial island to combine tourism and sports facilities. So that it can be said to be the first recreational complex built under the trademark of the nine-time Champions League winner.

"This is a decisive and strategic step, which will increase the strength of clubs in the Middle East and Asia," said the club's official statement.

Republika/The Truth Seeker Media

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