Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hasyim Muzadi: Islamophobia Still in Indonesia

Islamophobia or hatred towards Islam is still symptomatic in Indonesia, and even tends not to disappear all the time and is carried out systematically and carefully by certain parties.

This is stated by Rais Syuriyah PBNU KH Hasyim Muzadi following the circulation of the book "Five Influential Cities in the World" in which there was blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad.

"The book made people aware that Islamophobia (hatred towards Islam) is indeed real there. We need to make people aware of this constantly," he said in Jakarta as reported byNO OnlineOn Monday (6/18).
The ICIS Secretary General added that the way to react to Islamophobia must be smart and not reckless. "Errors of the ummah in reacting are usually set up with new traps that are more miserable to the people with new accusations," he said.

As proclaimed, the book published by PT Gramedia Main Library titled "The Five Most Influential Cities in the World" written by Douglas Wilson from the United States contains words that insult Islam. In the book states that "the Prophet Muhammad was a pirate and robber who ordered the attack on caravans in Mecca."

PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama published the book as many as 3000 copies since last March. After getting strong criticism from the public, the book was withdrawn from circulation and partly burned in the presence of representatives of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI). But several hundred copies of the book have been circulating among the public.

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