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Law of Women Working and Trading

Does Islam forbid women work and trade?
Islam does not forbid a woman to work or trade or even Allah Azza wa Jalla order His servants to practice and work.
Allah Ta'ala said,

Honor فسيرى Allah Action Did it Walmounton

"And say, '
Work it out you will then see your work, as well as His Messenger and the believers. '"(QS. At-Taubah: 105)

And also his word,

أيكم أحسن Action

"To test you who among you is the best
his charity." (QS. Al Mulk: 2)

This verse is general in nature including men and women. God Ta'ala allows trading as well for all. Because every human being is commanded to strive, to follow the cause and to do good either he or she.

Allah Ta'ala said,

أيها The people Sincerely La تأكلوا أموالكم Bench Bubblesl No that Thong trade E Trash Of you

"O ye Believers, do not eat your neighbor's property with falsehood, except in trade which is done on the basis of love among you."
(QS. An Nisa: 29)

This verse is also general for men and women.

Allah Ta'ala said,

The martyrs من Registrar Fiction Lime Nixon Reglin Angel Wonderful Madam Trends I Martyrs that Tendulkar One of them Fit إحداهما Other Villa يأب Martyrs إذا Me Claim Villa تسأموا that Patience Small Oh Great to me أجله ذلكم The simplest Eh God I am للشهادة Oh ألا Tutorial No that Thong trade Present Teaching Bench Flies Aliq suite ألا Tissue

"And witness with two male witnesses among you. If there are no (witnesses) two men then one man and two women may be among the people you like from the witnesses, so that if someone forgets then the other person reminds him. And don't let the witnesses refuse when called. And don't be bored writing it for the good time limit (the debt) is small or big. That is more just by Allah, can strengthen the testimony and draw closer You are to disbelief, unless it is a cash trade that you run between you. Then there is no sin for you if you do not write it. "
(QS. Al Baqarah: 282)

This verse is intended for men and women. God Ta'ala ordered to record when the accounts payable. Allah also ordered to present witnesses during the transaction. Then Allah explained that all (regulations) related to accounts payable. In essence, the order to record and present witnesses is generally applicable (for men and women).

Then Allah Ta'ala continue his word,

that Thong trade Present Teaching Bench Flies Aliq suite ألا Tissue

"Unless it is a cash trade that you run between you. Then there is no sin for you if you do not write it."
(QS. Al Baqarah: 282)

While isyhad (witnessing), the form is to bring witnesses. Therefore Allah says in the next verse,

إذا Immersed

"Take witness if you buy and sell."
(QS. Al Baqarah: 282)

The verses above apply generally to both men and women. (Order) records accounts payable for men and women. Trading (buying and selling) and being a witness applies to men and women. They (men and women) may take witnesses for their trade and records. It's just that, buying and selling in cash may not be recorded. Because it has been paid in cash so it doesn't leave any business. All of these regulations apply to men and women. Likewise, in the other arguments, everything applies to men and women, like the hadith of the Prophet shallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam, which he said,

With the option ما لم Separately, The Honestly And Bina Burke Samma في Sell ​​them Though Kata And lying Timely pond Sell ​​them

Also the word of God Ta'ala,

Allah Sell Worm Usury

"Allah has justified the sale and the ban on usury."
(QS. Al-Baqarah: 275)
But it is compulsory noticed when work or trade is should the interaction between them be in the form of far-reaching interaction and be free from all causes of the problem and which cause malicious deeds. Women work (places) that are not mixed with men and do not trigger the occurrence of defamation. Similarly, when women trade, in a clean state of defamation. By observing the hijab, covering the aurat, and avoiding the cause of defamation.

It should be noted in the sale and all the activities of women. Because God said,

F Poverty Villa Replacement Taboo الجاهلية First

"And stay in your house and do not decorate and behave like the ignorant ones."
(QS. Al-Ahzab: 33)

Sermons Pleasure Phosphorus I Listen Hijab ذلكم أطهر Title Waiting

"If you ask for a need for them (the wives of the Prophet) then ask behind the veil, which is more sacred to your heart and the heart."
(QS. Al-Ahzab: 53)

أيها Nabi Say Alzajjak Wit Wisdom Almighty Jordan عليهن I Jalababbab

"O Prophet! Say to your wives, your daughters and the believing women, 'Let them cover their veils to their entire body.'"
(QS. Al-Ahzab: 59)

Therefore, buying and selling of women is only done among women, while the sale and purchase of men is in a separate place, the law is permitted. Similarly for all women's work. A woman becomes a doctor for female patients, female nurses for female patients, female teachers teach women so this is not a problem. Male doctors handle male patients, and male teachers teach men.

As for female doctors dealing with male patients or male doctors dealing with female patients or female nurses for men and male nurses for female patients, this is what is prohibited by Shari'a, because it contains slander and damage.

Therefore, in addition to the tolerance to work and trade for men and women, all must be done in a situation free from all that endangers the religion and honor of women, and does not endanger men. But the work of women is carried out in conditions that do not trigger anything that endangers their religion, their honor, and do not cause damage and temptation for men. Likewise the work of the men that happened between them, there should be no presence of women, which could trigger temptation and damage.

This one has its own work area, which also has its own work area, by walking the safe path, which does not endanger the first or second group, and does not endanger the community itself.

But it is an exception to the above if in an emergency. If the situation is urgent where a man has to work with women, such as serving female patients when there is no male or female doctor doing male work when there is no male doctor dealing with male patients, while this woman knows the disease and can handle it, constantly guard yourself, stay away from everything that triggers temptation, and avoid khalwat (both), as well as such restrictions.

Therefore, if there is a woman's work carried out with a man or vice versa because of an urgent or emergency need, while maintaining the causes that cause slander both khalwat or openness (aurat) then this condition is excluded (read: allowed).

It is not why a woman helps a man who needs help. Likewise men help women who need to be dealt with, noting that they do not endanger them. Like a female doctor treating male patients when there is no male doctor, while the woman knows the disease, while maintaining herself from slander and khalwat. Likewise, what male doctors do with female patients is because there is no female doctor who treats it, this condition is an urgent situation.

Similarly, in the market place, women do the buying and selling they need, keeping the aurat correctly from the male view. Similarly, when the women praying in the mosque should be guarded, covering the aurat, behind the male shaf. As well as similar activities conducted by women, which do not cause slander and harm to both parties (men and women).

Thus did the Prophet Shallallahu'alaihi wasallam. Sometimes she talks to women, women gather to hear her studies and then advise them. This is what men can do for women.

During the prayer of Ied, after preaching in front of his man came to the women's congregation, reminding them, advising them to do good deeds.
Similarly, on several occasions, women gather and he warns, teaches them (religious matters) and answers their questions. All the above rules are included in this case.

Likewise his generation after his death shallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam. A man warns women, advises them, teaches them when gathered (somewhere) and in a way that is praiseworthy, keeps hijab and avoid the causes of slander.

If all that is needed, a man may do the important things they need (teaching, giving warnings and advice) (women), by keeping the hijab, closing (aurat) and avoiding all forms of slander for both.


Translated by: Muslimah Translation Team

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