Sunday, June 24, 2012

Human Skin Design Scientists Hold Bullets

What if your skin is bulletproof? That "miracle" might come true soon. A researcher at Jalila Essaidi designed the latest futuristic layer network. This finding increases the ability of human skin cells with silk spider webs. This skin can ward off bullets so they can't penetrate.

Although this thread looks fragile, spider webs are four times stronger than Kevlar. This material is commonly used in making bulletproof vests.

This biologically engineered layer of skin is fired by a bullet at half speed. The skin can not be pierced by bullets. But, this leather vest has its limits. The speed of the bullet held reaches 329 meters per second.

The international team is working together to create this new material. Transgenic goats and silk are mixed as a material to produce protein spider silk. This raw material is made at the University of Utah State synthetic biology laboratory, United States.

The cocoons were sent to South Korea. In this country, they spin it into yarn. The Germans weave it into cloth.

This silk modification is sandwiched between skin cells made by biochemists, Abdoelwaheb El Ghalbzouri at the Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands. After five weeks of incubation, this hybrid skin is ready to be targeted for shooting.
Essaidi has explored material artistically. He also wants to develop in the practice of using skin transplants.

According to New Scientistspider silk is ready to be made with high-tech applications. Its use can be used to transplant artificial corneas to brain implants.

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