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Want to Get Rich, Work! Do not Make the Faith

WHOwho wants to live hard? Of course no human wants to live hard. But what if then the steps we take lead to problems that turn out to be more troublesome?
Some time ago, this country was shocked by news of fraud under the guise of investment by a business institution in Tangerang Banten.
A capital city newspaper said that around 140 thousand customers were victims of the bogus investment. Even though the amount of funds that has disappeared cannot be ascertained, if on average each victim deposits Rp. 1 million, then the funds collected reach hundreds of billions of rupiah. Even though the lowest investment to become a customer is 2.5 million rupiah.
Strange indeed, in this modern age there are still people who can be deceived. If only one person might be considered 'apes' said the Javanese. Then what if hundreds of thousands of people? Of course there is a problem here.
Sparkling World
The more sophisticated technology does not guarantee that humans will become more intelligent. On the contrary, more and more people are victims of technology. Cases of fraud with various kinds of guise are actually not just this time. But because of the mentality of some of our pragmatic communities, there are always those who want to be victims of fraud.
That is nothing else because the ratio cannot and the heart works well, so that the mind and imagination are always assets and assets. Various methods were taken to get the assets.
If it is followed up with the right effort, of course it is okay. But if it is realized in unclean ways, it will certainly be very detrimental. Not only yourself and family, but the wider community. Not only in the world but also in the hereafter.
The world is tantalizing, but it must be watched out. If not enough knowledge and not mentally patient enough can be swallowed by the sparkling world. That is what Qarun and Tsa'labah experienced. Both are human beings who are lulled by the glitter of the world.
Islam does not forbid the Ummah to become rich, there must even be someone who becomes wealthy. But remember that rich can not be achieved with a relaxed, frivolous, orleyeh(Java, red). Wealth can only be achieved by hard work.
Even if you have to choose an investment path, choose an investment that is suitable for sharia, if any.
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"And let not some of you eat some of the folk among you in a falsehood and do not bring the matter to the judge, that ye may eat of the property of another person by sin, You know. "(QS. Al-Baqarah [2]: 188).
Stay In Islam
Being a Muslim in this modern era is certainly not empty of trials, temptations and tests. One of the strongest is the temptation of world treasures. The verse above at least makes us aware that in economic conditions however, we still have to be with people who still hope that God is not pleased with their desires.
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"And be patient with those who call upon their Lord in the morning and the twilight in hope of His good pleasure, and do not turn your two eyes away from them, hoping for the beauty of this world, and do not follow those whose hearts We have neglected from remembrance of Us, and according to his desires and his condition is beyond the limits. "(QS. Al-Kahfi [18]: 28).
This is what encourages the companions of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi Wassalam to remain in da'wah and Islam even living in stressful and unfavorable situations. Sayyidah Khadijah willingly sacrificed all of his wealth for preaching. Abu Bakr also did not give up his wealth for the sake of Islamic propaganda.
Those who are rich contribute to their property for the sake of Islam. Whereas those who are poor do not shake their faith in the slightest at all due to the offer of dinars and dirhams. All are consistent with the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) building a glorious Islam.
Likewise we are today. We should follow what the Messenger of Allah and all his companions have described. What a tragedy in this world is only temporary. So do not let us be turned away from the hereafter, where the comfort and torment will last forever.
Muslims are different from infidels, who are proud of their possessions. Later all of them have no use value.
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"Those who disbelieve both their wealth and their children will not withhold from them the Wrath of Allah: they are the dwellers of the Fire, to abide therein."(QS. 3 : 116).
Thank you your faith
One thing most Muslims forget about most is the blessings of faith. This is indeed the most expensive gift of love in the world. Favors rizki in the form of the property of God give to all his creatures on earth. Muslims or infidels. But the favor of faith is only God's giving to what He pleases.
"And no soul shall believe except by the permission of Allah, and Allah incites to wrath to those who are not wise."(QS. 10 : 100).
In the next verse Alla clearly explains how expensive the faith is. Even if all efforts are made so that a man can believe, if God does not want it, it is impossible to enter the faith in his chest.
"Had We sent down the angels to them, and the dead had spoken to them, and We gathered all before them, they would not have believed except as Allah willed, but most of them do not know. "(QS. 6 : 111).
Don't let it be because we glare at the world we ignore the highest pleasure that God gives us in the form of faith. Though the absence of faith in a human being is a great disaster and eternal disaster throughout the ages.
If you want to be rich, work really sincerely andthayyib.Don't be easily tempted by offers that hypnotize common sense. This world has a law (sunnatullah) so do it according to that law. There has never been a history of rich people suddenly. Therefore, it is not easy to make a decision to cut the compass.
Prophet Saw said: "There are two things that I fear most from you, namely: obeying lust and lots of wishful thinking. Indeed, obeying lust can hinder the truth, and many dreams are like loving the world."
May we remain on the right path and become believing Muslims.

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