Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This is the Miracle of the Creation of the Throat

Throat structure is an example of a perfect system in the human body.
According to Harun Yahya, the throat wall is supported by ring-shaped C cartilage. This allows movement in different directions.
"If the air ducts are only made of meat, the softness produced will cause a constant blockage, which will make it difficult for us to breathe," said the Turkish Muslim scholar.
If it is made of something hard like bone, he said, then our movements will be largely limited.
But the structure consisting of cartilage that forms an airway pipe is perfect for all types of movements, and always remains open because of its flexibility.
There is another very special system right at the entrance to the windpipe. This system saves our lives every time we eat something.


The esophagus and windpipe are side by side in the throat. One possibility is that when eating food it gets trapped in the throat and suffocates itself.
"But not so. Even though we continue to eat and breathe, food never gets stuck in our throat, '' said the owner of Adnan Oktar's real name.
So what protects us when we eat?
There is a small fold of elastic cartilage called the right curvature at the entrance to the windpipe.
This flap automatically closes the entrance to the throat when swallowing.
For the thousands of foods we eat, from infancy to the present, we have swallowed tens of thousands of times. And every time a small flap closes the entrance to our throat at the right time.
Even though we are not aware of its existence and are unable to control it, small flaps have saved our lives by closing the entrance to your throat at the right time.
In the absence of that system, a human being will suffocate when he first bit food. This is another proof that God created all the features possessed by humans.
IWD/The Truth Seeker Media

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