Monday, June 18, 2012

This is how Samsung's Secret Agent works

Samsung has closed information about Samsung Galaxy SIII in a meeting. Leaks do occur when detailed specifications emerge. But, Samsung can keep the design secret until the official launch. How can Samsung keep it a secret?

This Korean company explains that keeping secrets is not easy. Samsung has prepared a level of secrecy that matches Apple.
"I got a lot of questions about Galaxy SIII from friends and family," said Samsung Senior Technician, Young Doo Jin.
"I said, 'Don't ask or I'll be fired.' I told them to just look after the official release, "he added as quoted from Tech Crunch.
"My oldest son sat in class 6. He knew I had worked on the Galaxy S and SII. I think he assumed I would work on SIII. Every time he saw an article on the internet about Galaxy SIII, he immediately asked. 'Father made SIII right?' But, I can only say, 'I don't know.' That's very strange, "said Samsung Principal Technician, Byung Joon Lee.

Samsung has developed three different prototypes to enter the final stage. This makes the technician work on repetition tasks in designing, redesigning, and making each product component up to several times. The secret of the prototype is tightly guarded. In fact, from the knowledge of employees in the office.

"The prototype was loaded in a secret box before being moved. In fact, when it was only moved to the corridor. This was to prevent passersby from seeing the shape," Samsung wrote in its official blog. Of course, taking photos is prohibited.

Although it was closed tightly, there were still leaks. Several times a photo blur products circulating on the internet. Apparently, Samsung did deliberately leak it. This is to design a furor before smartphone announced to the public. From photos that claim to be leaked SIII, there is no single photo of the original product.

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