Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This is the Way to Manage Natural Resources

In contrast to capitalism which legalizes the private sector and foreigners control natural resources, according to Islamic sharia, abundant forests, water and energy must be managed by the state.
"Its management can not be left to private (corporate based management) but must be fully managed by the state (state based management"and the results must be returned to the people in various forms!" said Chairman of the DPP Hizb ut-Tahrir Indonesia Farid Wadjdi in front of around 4600 participantsPeople's Leadership ConferenceThursday (21/6) at Tennis Indoor, Senayan, Jakarta.
According to Farid, the caliph (head of state who implements kaaffah Islamic sharia) may and can share the results of natural resource management directly in the form of objects that are needed or in the form of basic needs services such as cheap education and health and other infrastructure.
"In addition to the costs of da'wah and jihad and the costs of exploration and exploitation of natural resources, of course.
With capitalism, the state legalizes foreigners to dredge natural resources and prosper the foreigners but afflicts the people, but with khilafah (Islamic state), the caliph manages the SDA for the welfare and independence of the people.
"In addition, of course the most important thing is to get the pleasure of Allah SWT because Allah requires that we only apply His rules!" he stressed.
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