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This is the panic of Islamophobia towards the Formalization of Islamic Law

JAKARTA - Historically, Indonesian Islamic State (NII) or Darul Islam (DI) has been recorded by SM Kartosuwirjo in West Java, which was followed by Daud Beureuh in Aceh and Kahar Muzakkar in South Sulawesi. At present, Aceh has implemented Islamic law, while several regions in West Java and South Sulawesi have also issued Syari'ah Islamic Regional Regulations (Perda).

Developments in the three regions were a scourge for the liberals, as a manifestation of the success symptoms of the idea of ​​an "Islamic state", which would later be followed by other regions through a domino effect. The panic of the liberals can be felt, when the issue of the enforcement of Islamic Shari'ah is marked by the issuance of Regional Public Order Laws (Syari'ah substance) in several regions.

No doubt, liberals often attack Islamic groups that have been pushing for the implementation of Islamic law in Indonesia. Liberals accused the knowledge of Islamic groups who wanted the implementation of Islamic law, poor with Indonesian sociological maps. They appear to be "bearded fires" or panic when Islamic Shari'a has not been implemented nationally, but it is pursued through local regulations whose substance is in accordance with sharia.

The anxiety of liberals was revealed in the book "Illusion of Islamic State" published by the Maarif Institute in collaboration with The Wahid Institute and the Bhineka Tunggal Ika Movement. In the 321-page book, there are introductory words from the former Chairperson of PP Muhammadiyah Ahmad Syafi'I Maarif, Abdurrahman Wahid, and KH. Mustofa Bisri.

Liberals also argued, that the application of Islamic Sharia was formally considered contrary to the constitution, however, there were gaps that could be taken to achieve that goal, namely through the authority of regional autonomy. Then the liberals accused the Islamic movement which he called "hardline" in collaboration with politicians and officials (called opportunists) in the regions to use regional autonomy to formally implement Islamic Sharia through local regulations.

Here are the liberal anxieties for the formalization of Islamic law: "The process of Islamizing the country through the implementation of sharia in a constitutional manner is a difficult thing to do. The strategy pursued is 'villages surround the city', namely through the formalization of sharia in the regions with Syari'ah Regional Regulations. Later, when more areas in the homeland which implements sharia as a regional law, then the step of making Shari'ah as a national law and the establishment of an Islamic State is only a matter of time. "

This can be seen from the statement of a respondent who was studied by liberal groups related to sharia enforcement by saying: "If the society is Islamic, the Islamic Shari'ah works, then it becomes an Islamic state by itself without saying it."

Panic about Islamic State Discourse

The liberal rejection of the establishment or formalization of religion was based on the results of the NU Congress in Banjarmasin in 1935, which decided not to support the establishment of an Islamic State, but instead encouraged Muslims to practice their religious teachings for the sake of the establishment of an Islamic society.
Liberals also position the state as an institution that recognizes diversity, protects all interests, and protects all beliefs, cultures and traditions of the Indonesian people. That is why, they call Islamic activists who encourage the application of Islamic Sharia in this country as hardline Islamic activists.

While the liberal group calls itself moderate Islam. They also accused jargon of fighting for Islam as an effort to fight for a certain political agenda and make Islam a packaging and weapon.

"Under the pretext of fighting for and defending Islam, they strive to reject culture and tradition which has been an integral part of the life of the Indonesian nation," he wrote tendentiously.

The Wahid Institute also considers narrow, literal and limited, if Islam becomes a political ideology. They also mentioned groups who want to change the face of Indonesian Islam as an aggressive, violent and intolerant group, and full of hatred. In fact, efforts to encourage the application of Islamic law as an effort to divide the national unity and unity.

The fatwa of the MUI which forbids secularism, pluralism and liberalism is also considered by the liberal group as something that is counter-productive and triggers controversy. Moreover, they accused the MUI's fatwa of causing violent actions in the name of Islam.

The following are tendentious and wicked sentences, which liberal groups express against the discourse of formalization and implementation of Islamic law, establishing an Islamic state or Khilafah Islamiyah:

"They suspect God will be satisfied if there is political power or rulers who rule in His name. They imagine Allah will be proud if their version of Islamic law becomes positive law or state law. In fact - unconsciously - there is a view that God is powerless so that Islam needs to be defended, or perhaps this is only a mere pretext for the hidden agenda of gaining power. All of this cannot be separated from ignorance ... "

Actually the ones who are stupid, narrow, and not knowledgeable are actually themselves. They do not understand the essence of the application of Islamic law. Liberals are also not aware that they are also planning politics and power, of course, having the illusion of making Indonesia a secular and liberal country.

Liberals declare their rejection of any attempt to formalize religion to regulate all aspects of human life. They call it a theological misunderstanding that must be rejected. Strangely and funny, the liberals say, not the form of the state or the formalization of religion needed to be a good Muslim, but the sincerity of spiritual awareness to always feel the presence of the Divine (ihsan). Again and again they call the effort to realize an Islamic society through the implementation of Shari'ah and the establishment of an Islamic State or Khilafah Islamiyah as political maneuvers to gain power.

With the illogical pretext, the liberals say, to be the caliph of God on earth only those who are in religion have achieved the quality of muhsinin and mukhlis, the saints of Allah Swt. "Sufis understand shari'ah as a way, not a goal. Because they are very tolerant and inclusive when meeting different road attendants." This statement is only a very acute form of fear and panic towards Shari'a and Caliphate. "

What the liberals stated on the charges of Islamic Shari'a was a wicked speech, illogical, narrow, and an ignorance that bound. They are no more Western agents supplied with material to attack Islam from within.

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