Thursday, June 7, 2012

Innalillahi, 10 Myanmar Muslims killed by ethnic Arakan Buddhists

MYANMAR -Ethnic Buddhist Arakan, or also known as Rakhine, killed 10 Myanmar Muslims savagely on Sunday (03/03/2012) in an attack due to sectarian sentiments.
At a group Myanmar Muslims on the way back to Yangon from Arakan state on a bus, suddenly in Taung-kout, a small town, a local ethnic Arakan stopped the bus by force and attacked the Muslims inside.
According to the details reported by the forumAnsar A-Mujahidin, eight of the Muslims on the bus were dragged from the bus and beaten until they met their death. The Muslim bloodthirsty Rakhine also did not leave the bus driver safe, they killed him. While the other is not known how he was killed -Innalillahi wa innailaihi roji'uun.

"At the immigration checkpoint, vehicles were stopped. A crowd of 300 people on motorbikes holding blocks and knives blocked and shouted 'Go and face the end of your life, if there is Kalas (a term commonly used by Buddhists against Myanmar Muslims)'," the owner travel services explained, when contacted by telephone.
"A man in charge of the bus went down and tried to persuade while the bus door was closed. He was pushed hard by the mob and they entered the bus. When they found some Muslims, shouting 'This is Kalas, here they are' and started beating them with beams. And then dragging the victims and killing them in a very short time, "he added.
The attack has a long historical background, which is solely related to Rakhine's ethnic sentiments who have carried out a very strange racist campaign against Rohingyas considered by Rakhine as illegal immigrants or Bangali.
Islamophobia and Racism Campaign against Muslims
The intensive campaign against Myanmar Muslims, with the term known as "Kalas", began in November 2011 through social networksFacebook. Thousands of Buddhists (both ethnic Rakhine or non-Rakhine) have spread hate messages in a language that is very blasphemous to Islam and its adherents. Although initially they seemed to target only Rohingya people, then they immediately attacked Myanmar's Muslims and Islamic norms.
The Islamophobic campaign is not only carried out by local Burmese people, but also those who are pro-Democracy and human rights activists under the protection of asylum in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and Thailand.
Because of the government's negligence, over these conditions, Rakhine ethnic politicians openly and violently opposed the Rohingya ethnicity. Therefore, those who call themselves Buddhist patriots, they continue to spread hate information.
Almost every day in the past few months, millions of messages of hatred towards Muslims have spreadFacebookandemail.
Myanmar's minority Muslims have tried to stop the Islamophobic campaign by approaching mainstream Burmese media. But they fully and deliberately refused to help, and did not preach violence against Muslims. For example, most of the major media were completely silent at the time of the destruction of two mosques and terrorist acts against Muslim houses in the north and center of Burma in April 2012.
In addition, before the Sunday killing, an incident on (29/5), was reportedly brought to a woman (26) raped and murdered by three local Muslims suspected.
Anti-Muslim sentiment increased, Arakan local media,Naranjaratake advantage of the situation by making provocative news. Linking the incident of the rape of the woman to Islam, thus encouraging the anger of local residents. TI have Irrawaddy, one of the most famous media in the country, reports the same thing.
This, made the provocation campaign against Muslims spread inFacebook. Publish provocative news which is a fee of 300 USD for those who can carry out sex attacks on Muslim women, and 500 USD for those who can kill Muslim women.
Arrahmah/The Truth Seeker Media

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