Sunday, June 24, 2012

Internet in the Village Now Reaches 14.7 Mbps

EV-DO technology based telecommunications service providers, Smartfren hold a program Internet Enter Village. In March 2012, this program was launched at SMP 4, Parung Panjang. Now internet services are woven through collaboration with the Indonesian Horizon Reading House (RBCI) at SDIT Ash-Sholihah Sukarapih Village, Tambelang District, Bekasi Regency.

"Smartfren hopes that with the internet in this school, it can facilitate learning activities for students and can benefit the surrounding community, so that it is ultimately expected to be able to improve the lives of local people," said Henky S. Chahyadi as Vice President of Smartfren Program for Indonesia.

This program continues the collaboration of Smartfren RBCI. Since 2011, Smartfren has provided access to free books for rural communities with the support of SDIT Ash-Sholihah.

Now a new place called Warnet Smartfren School & Indonesian Horizon Reading House is open for public access every day. Visitors can come from Monday to Saturday at 09.00 until 18.00 WIB. Smartfren provides internet access with EV-DO Rev. technology. B Phase 2 with download speeds reaching 14.7 Mbps.

"We hope to continue to provide benefits and goodness for the education sector by facilitating the world of education and the surrounding community to be able to maximize the internet in daily life, because we see that there are still many school schools that are not yet supported by adequate internet access," Henky said on Smartfren's written statement.

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