Sunday, June 17, 2012

Iran and Venezuela Can't Compete with the Sophisticated US Unmanned Aircraft

Image-6856The results may not be able to match Global Hawk belongs to As, or Reaper the deadly one. But, at least, the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, officially announced his country was on the path of making its own unmanned aircraft or often called a drone.

Based on reports during a meeting with senior military leaders on Wednesday (13/6), Chaves said, one of three planes to be made, assembled inside Venezuela. "We have to make them, not only for military purposes, but also for civilian equipment," Chavez said.

Chaves added that the drone was built by joint technicians between Venezuela and its allies, namely Russia, China and Iran. While the recognition of other officials mentioned that the aircraft assembled in the country were built and assembled by technicians trained in Iran.

The 40-meter long plane with a span of 30 meters is designed to fly up to 9 thousand feet within 100 kilometers. The aircraft was not equipped with weapons.

Iranian media responded quickly to Chaves' statement by making an announcement, that Venezuela must not have been able to build the drone on its own without his help.

The Iranian drone program can be considered new. Based on the FARS report in September, Tehran's new drone, Butterfly, was designed by students from the Modern Technologies Engineering College, Tabriz University with the aim of producing aircraft with stable weights for long flying periods.

Butterfly will have the ability to fly up to an altitude of 15 thousand feet for three and a half hours. Operation radius that can be reached is 50 kilometers.
In addition, there are three high-resolution color cameras. Butterfly is also capable of carrying loads up to 9 kilograms.

It is still far compared to US drones. One of the US Navy's unmanned aircraft currently used to monitor the area, can fly up to speeds of 357 mph for 30 hours nonstop with a height reaching 60 thousand feet.

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