Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Israel Plans to Occupy Damascus International Airport

According to reliable sources, the Zionist regime of Israel has explained several plans specifically to occupy Damascus International Airport to Qatar, Saudi Arabia and armed groups in Syria even if only for a few hours.

Al-Alam television quoted al-Manar as saying Tuesday, a diplomatic source quoted an official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Zionist Regime as saying that the overthrow of the Syrian government and the outbreak of civil war in the country were very important issues for Israel.

According to the source, the Zionist official explained that Bashar al-Assad proved to be Israel's main intolerable enemy and that any subsequent government in Syria would not be worse than Bashar al-Assad's government for Israel.

The diplomatic source told al-Manar television said there was a plan to divide Syria into six blocks, namely in the west, east, north, south and center (Damascus and Aleppo). If that happens, Syria will not be a threat to Israel for years to come.

The source also said that Israel in the near future would reap the rewards of its support for armed terrorist groups in Syria and Tel Aviv's assistance to rebels in the country would be a stepping stone for establishing relations with the upcoming Damascus government.

IRIB / The Truth Seeker Media

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