Friday, June 15, 2012

Israel Attacked US Navy Military Ship, History Or Only Story?

Although 45 years have passed since Israel attacked a military ship The US Navy in international waters, the US government still maintains their silence regarding the incident.

June 8 marks the day when the Israeli air force and naval forces attacked the USS Liberty US intelligence vessel which killed 34 crew members and injured 174 others.

At that time, USS Liberty was the most advanced spy ship in the US navy and was completely destroyed in a strong attack by Israeli forces.
Although the Israeli surveillance team acknowledged that the ship was an American ship for hours before the attack, Israeli officials lied after claiming that the attack was only an accident.
US media over the past 45 years have been banned from reporting on the incident.

The attack took place on June 8, 1967 when Israel was involved in war with Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian forces in the third war with Arab countries.
Washington at that time was worried that Israel might carry out an attack on a close ally of the Syrian Soviet Union which could bring confrontation between the two superpowers.

Washington then sent the USS Liberty ship, which could monitor all types of communications within a 500-mile radius, to ensure that it was linked to Israel's intention to engage in fighting with Syria.
Knowing about the US ship's mission, Israeli war minister Moshe Dayan ordered Israeli forces to target American ships.
"After overseeing the USS Liberty for more than nine hours with surveillance aircraft flying almost every hour and tracking radars, the Israeli air force and navy attacked our ship in international waters without warning," said a former USS Liberty crew member unnamed.

"Israeli forces attacked without warning and without trying to contact us. Thirty-four Americans were killed in the attack and 174 others were injured," the crew member added.
Although universal consensus states that the Israeli attack was carried out with the full knowledge that the ship they attacked the USS Liberty was a US ship, the Johnson government tried to cover up this fact.

Israeli and US government officials tried to characterize the attack as unintentional, the Johnson government never even looked for ways to prosecute those who were guilty or otherwise tried to seek justice for the victims of the attack.

In the case of USS Liberty"The United States has failed to protect the lives of its citizens in order to protect Israel," concluded the former crew member of the USS Liberty.

Eramuslim / The Truth Seeker Media

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