Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Israel 6 Palestinian Fishermen Hostage Without Clear Fate

GAZA - The Israeli military arrested six fishermen off the coast of the Gaza Strip. Until now the six fishermen are still held hostage by Israel without clarity of fate.
Chairman of the Palestine Water and Sports Association, Mahfouz Al Kabariti said, the six people arrested were traditional fishermen. The six of them used three small boats. "They were arrested last Wednesday night," he said as reported by the news agencyMa'annewsOn Friday (6/22).
Karbiti added, the identities of the six fishermen were Hatem Abu Wardeh, Fadel Abu Wardeh, Mahmud Abu Wardeh, Mohamad Khaleh, Noman al-Saksik, and Abed Sobhi Saad Allah.
Israel often makes unilateral arrests of Palestinian fishermen. According to Karbiti, this arrest is the 14th time Israel has carried out since last month.
IWD/The Truth Seeker Media

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