Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Israel Arrests 9 Residents in the West Bank

Ramallah: Earlier this day, Israeli forces arrested five Palestinians from a number of areas in the West Bank. They also arrested four fishermen, after the boat was laid on the coast of Bet Lahia, north of Gaza.

Yedeot Aharonot said the Zionist army arrested five Palestinians who were claimed to be fugitives by the Israeli government.
Meanwhile, from Bethlehem, south of the West Bank, Israeli soldiers captured, Syadi Maali (25 years) from the vehicle carrying it in the center of Bethlehem. Then it was herded to an unknown place.

Previously, soldiers damaged food stores and seized a set of computers and took CCTV devices in the store. While the fishermen were arrested after his boat was dragged to monitor Bet Lahia, north of Gaza on Wednesday morning (30/5).

PIP/The Truth Seeker Media

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