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So, Mother, Don't Stop

Be a mother, is not a simple thing but really very noble. Mothers are often chosen to be the place for their backs and recipients of their children's hearts, including their husbands.

Anyone can not deny that in reality the mother also took a large share in the formation and personal improvement of a generation and the continuity of happiness in a household.

Robert Blum, MD, PhD, a researcher, and director of the University of Minnesota Adolescent Health and Development Center, as reported by WebMD, explains that boys who feel close to their mothers and consider them to be warm and caring are more likely delaying sex. And young women whose mothers often talk to their friends' parents are less likely to have sex at an early age.

That is just one example of how big the role of mothers in modern times as "goalkeepers" of the youth of their children.

History has also carved out stories about the role of mothers as writers from the golden age of the world's great figures.
Is said Khansa Tamadhir binti Amr, a mother who gathered her four sons to give them guidance and encouraged them to fight and that they did not run away from war and that they would expect martyrdom in the way of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala.

And when the news of the deaths of his children reached him, this woman of faith did not sadden at all, let alone lament. Even his sentence in response to all that, has been recorded by the period,

"Praise be to Allah, who has glorified me with their martyrdom, I wish the reward of my Lord that He would gather me with them in His loving place."

Even Umar bin Khathab also acknowledged the virtue of Khansa 'as the mother of the martyrs.
Indeed, the role of a mother is extraordinary behind her weaknesses and limitations as a woman.
And in this modern era, where the demands in all things are increasingly urgent, not even this often gives the mother a break to just think about the situation and prioritize themselves.

For example, just to say about the body itself, many mothers have to say goodbye to waistlines, salons and or walks. And again, family needs and happiness are always the number one priority to do.
But that is not a sad thing, but rather a very valuable life lesson. Being a mother is indeed full of consequences, and responsibilities.

Therefore, it is proper for a woman to prioritize sincerity in living all that. Because believe me, in the weight of carrying out a big obligation, there will be rewards that are not small, from the Supreme Creator.

So, it is true that there is a sentence that says "If there is heaven in the world, then it is to have a loving mother who is very understanding and painstaking in caring for her family. But if there is hell in the world that is a picture of having a mother who is bad cruel and indifferent and not tough in bringing his family to be better. "

O mothers, be steadfast in the family, then you will be worthy of God as a noble woman. Insyaallah ...

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