Saturday, June 02, 2012

JAIS Invasion of the Irshad Manji Book Publishing Office

Islamic Religious Department of Selangot
Tuesday (05/29) stormed the office of the ZI Publications company that published the book Allah, Freedom and Love by controversy writer Irshad Manji.

The director of the company, Ezra Zaid in a post on Twitter said the team of 20 people also seized the text of the book in the attack on Merchant Square, Petaling Jaya.

The operation was conducted pursuant to Article 16 (1) (a) or (b) of the Jakarta Syariah Criminal Enactment on "religious publication misstatement in conflict with Islamic law" pursuant to a search warrant issued by the Syariah Subordinate Court of Jakarta yesterday.

The lawyer also brought a son to our presidential party to their headquarters in Shah Alam.
The Ministry of Home Affairs previously banned the publication of the book and also its English version of God, Liberty and Love because it deceived public opinion and violated sharia as stipulated in the Koran and hadith.

The prohibition order was made according to Article 7 (1) of the Printing and Publishing Machine Act (AMCP) 1984 because it contained "it could shock the minds of many people and endanger security and order."
The government also banned Irshad's book titled The Trouble With Islam Today in 2009.

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