Monday, June 18, 2012

Don't Look And Don't Sound

Dear friends, call me Mr. X. You don't need to know who I really am. All you need to know is see what I say, and feel it in reality. If you understand, you will know that these terrifying bombs from Israeli Zionism are already here in this country. He has changed shape in various agendas. The Zionist missile has now arrived from the living room of your home, into your way of thinking even into our everyday lifestyle systems and perspectives.

If you continue to find out who I am, then you will never know and you will be tired of your search for me. If what I say is true, then reflect on this truth in the resistance of our missionary movement which is clear, intelligent, directed and productive, because when you see that our opinion is opposite, we are actually opponents.

This is my first X Files info. There is a big agenda for fighting between Islam and nationalists. This indication came from the spread of book bombs to nationalists.

If you have heard of cases, scattered wild dogs in the middle of the city, which in fact these cities are cities with residents who have a very strong Islamic culture. Believe me, that the dogs are not present because of the natural flow of natural traditions, all are part of a conspiracy and psychological attack.

Islamphobia (read: They) really know what is forbidden by our religion, through this door they want to get rid of our position from social roles. We deliberately made us uncomfortable and uncomfortable living in the city. This is an attack in the psychological form. Don't be afraid of dogs, just fear Allah. Other forms such as gay, transvestites and lesbians. I call this like the technique of removing mice from the hole by spraying smoke.

Interesting, when someone wants to identify who I am, this is our hobby community. Every day we always express our same hobbies in this community. But unfortunately there are 'them' in this community. Yes, if you are ready with this information, of course I do not need to explain the meaning of the word 'they'? They tried to build an inconvenience for my presence. Alcohol, condoms, freesex and fishing rods are directed to provoke my argument.

The point is not to practice my knowledge, but rather to build perceptions and discomfort for myself, or for the environment to me. "They" hope that I no longer exist in that community, they want me to leave. Their games are very neat, they even tend to be felt but they can still be directed. Unfortunately, how much alcohol and the culture of condomation in that place, I was not affected, and I did not leave the place. I actually come to that environment more often, often and often.

In my principle, if the da'is have stepped aside from their social role, the Islamphobia party will easily incite our other brothers (who have not had the time to recite and who do not understand the nature of Islam).

Look carefully at almost every major mosque in a city, always build entertainment places around it. This problem was raised in Sabili magazine. Their purpose is clear, they want to attack us mentally first.

In essence, they intend to castrate our social functions by throwing things that Islam hates to the general public. My advice, do not back down from social roles. Our brothers and sisters who don't understand Islam out there are still many and they need our position to look after them (even though they don't know and don't realize)

"When an enemy is too strong to attack, attack something valuable that he has. Know that the enemy is not always strong on everything. Either place, there must be a gap between the weapons, weakness can definitely be attacked. or considered valuable by the enemy to weaken him psychologically. "

"Never directly attack an enemy who has an advantage due to his good position. Take them to leave the nest so that they will be the furthest from the source of his strength."

"Weakening your enemy's combat ability by secretly making conflicts between enemies and friends, allies, advisers, commanders, soldiers and people. While he is busy trying to resolve his internal conflicts, his combat capability and survival will weaken."



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