Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Germany Helps Israel Install Atomic Weapons

German allegedly helping Israel install atomic weapons on its newest submarine made in Germany. A strong indication of this was reported by the news magazine The mirror, as reported by the German television website,, Sunday 3rd June.

At least three units of submarines produced in Germany and their production subsidized by the government in Berlin have been supplied to Israel. News magazine The mirror reported in the latest edition, the submarines are equipped with sophisticated hydraulic equipment that is still kept secret, which can throw missiles fitted with nuclear warheads.

Responding to the news, Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak stated to Der Spiegel; "Germany can feel proud, can secure the existence of the state of Israel for the long term".

So far the German government has said that it is not yet aware of the installation of equipment for atomic weapons on submarines produced in Germany. But a number of senior officials in the defense ministry in Berlin, according to the news magazine, indirectly admitted that Israel would install atomic weapons on its ships. Documents from the Ministry of Defense say, the German government has received information on such practices since 1961.

Israel ordered all 6 sophisticated submarines from Germany. The remaining three submarines will be completed and supplied in 2017. Germany subsidizes around 30 percent of its manufacturing costs. In return, Berlin hopes for, among other things, changes from Israel in the politics of building Jewish settlements.

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