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Buya Hamka's Big Soul Against His Political Opponent

Mr. Last Message Moh. Yamin and Soekarno Ahead of the Death and Important Messages for the Ananta Tour Pramudya
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"So set your face straight to the religion of Allah, (fixed on) the nature of Allah that has created man according to that nature." There is no change in the nature of Allah: this is a straight religion, but most people do not know. " (QS Ar-Ruum: 30).

The following series of posts is a fragmentation of the life of Prof. KH. Abdul Malik Karim Amrullah alias Buya Hamka who was told by his fifth son, KH. Irfan Hamka in his book Eternal Stories with My Father Hamka.1

This fragment tells about the greatness of the soul and the forgiving nature of Buya Hamka to his political opponents ideologically: between Islam, nationalists and communists represented by their leaders, namely the originator of the Pancasila digger Mr. Moh. Yamin and Soekarno and Lekra (People's Culture Institute) Pramudya Ananta Tour; whereas not infrequently in order to defend and defend his conviction Buya Hamka had to go to prison, be slandered, be excluded, impoverished but his patience in facing the test was fruitful which became an extraordinary lesson which was revealed in a fragment of the following story that God willing can open the eyes of anyone read it, permeated it and lived it to fulfill the path of Islam towards the pleasure of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. Happy reading.

Mr. Last Message Mohammad Yamin
There is still more evidence of how my father's greatness and forgiveness was (Buya Hamka-pen.). It's hard for us to measure the person who has a soul as big as my father, Hamka.

In the writing I prepared, this writer tried to avoid subjective judgments because I was his son. I tried to compile how forgiving the father was so sincere to those who hated him. tyranny and slander.

From 1955 to 1957, as a member of the Constituent Assembly of the Masyumi Party Faction, the father was quite active in the session to formulate the State Foundation Rl. There are 2 choices for the basis of our country;
first, The 1945 Constitution of the State is based on Islam. Second, The 1945 Constitution / with the basic state Pancasila
For the two basic choices of the country, there are two equally strong fronts. The first front is of course the Islamic group. Masyumi as his leader, proposed a state foundation based on Islam. The second front, led by PNI, the Indonesian National Party wanted a state based on Pancasila.

In an event the father delivered his political speech, with the courage to convey the contents of his speech:
"If our country takes the foundation of the state based on Pancasila, it's just the same as we go to hell ..."
Of course the attendees at the Constituent Assembly plenary were surprised to hear Father's statement. Not only the supporters of the Pancasila, but also supporters of the Islamic state were equally surprised.

Mr. Moh. Yamin as a member of the Constituent Assembly of the PNI Faction was shocked by his statement. The PNI figure was not only angry, he continued to hate. Although the two figures opposite each other from West Sumatra. Moh Yamin could not resist his hatred of father. Both meeting at official events, cultural seminars and together attending the Constituent Assembly, the hatred still could not be eliminated. As a result of father's speech, making Pancasila as the foundation of the state was the same as paving the way to hell, while Mr. Moh. Yamin strongly believed in the myth that the Pancasila digger was Soekarno.

The author still remembers when our guest arrived, Buya KH. Isa Ansari. The ulama are living with our village Maninjau, he has been living in Bandung for a long time during lunch, Buya KH. Isa Ansari asked father; "Is Yamin still arguing with Hamka?"
Dad replied, "Apparently not just his face that showed his hatred to me, his conscience also hated me."

Years after the decree in which Sukarno then dissolved the Constituent Assembly, parliament and established the '45 Constitution and Pancasila as the basis of the state, an extraordinary event took place. 1962; Mr. Moh. Yamin was seriously ill treated at the Army Central Hospital, RSPAD. Father found out from newspaper and radio news. Father received a call from Mr. Chairul Saleh, one of the ministers at that time. This minister wants to come and stay in touch with his father and talk about his illness. Moh. Yamin.

Chaerul Saleh came to meet father at home. To the father, this minister in the Soekarno era told about his illness. Moh. Yamin.
"Buya, I brought a message from Mr. Yamin. He was very sick. He had been treated for days. I accidentally came to see Buya. There was a message from Mr. Yamin, maybe the last message."
"What's the message?" asked father.
"Mr. Yamin ordered me to invite Buya to the hospital and he wanted to be patient, Buya was able to accompany him, now Pak Yamin is in dying."
My father was rather surprised to hear Mr. Yamin's message. Think back to hostility and hate him.
"What's more, Mr. Yamin's message?" Back father asked the minister assigned by Mr. Yamin.
"Well, Buya, who is very worried about Pak Yamin, wants to die when he is buried in his long-lost hometown, and he is worried that the Talawi people will not accept his body.While there is an upsurge in West Sumatra, Pak Yamin also condemns the separation the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, hoping that Hamka could accompany him all the way. "

Only momentarily pensive. Many bitter experiences felt by the father for several years with a character who claimed his face was similar to the Gajah Mada Majapahit Coach. "Then let's take me to the RSPAD to meet him."

That afternoon my father and Mr. Chaerul Saleh arrived at the hospital. In the VIP room, many visitors. There are pastors, Buddhist monks and other visitors. Mr. Yamin was lying in bed with an IV tube and oxygen was attached. Seeing father's arrival, his face was rather radiant. Weakly Yamin reached out to father to approach. One visitor placed a chair for dad to sit near the bed. Father shook Mr. Yamin's hand and kissed the forehead of a character who had hated father for years.

With a barely audible voice he said: "Thank you Buya for coming." From the two eyelids his eyes were tearing his eyes.
"Accompany me," he whispered again. He still held his father's hand.
At first the father whispered Al Fatihah's letter. Then sentence La ilaha illallah Muhammadan Rasalullah. Weakly Mr. Yamin followed father's reading. Then the father repeated reading twice. In the second reading, Mr. Yamin did not hear, only he gave a signal by tightening his hand to his hand. Back father whispered a sentence "there is no god except Allah" to Mr. Yamin's ear. No response. My father felt Mr. Yamin's grip loosened and felt cold and separated from my father's grasp.

A doctor came to check. The doctor told Mr. Yamin there was no more.
"Innalillahi wa inna lillaihi rajiun."
A person who for years hated father a lot, at the end of his life died while holding hands with father.

From the hospital, Father Chairul Saleh was invited to the State Palace. The Deputy Prime Minister III (Deputy Prime Minister III) wanted to report on Mr. Yamin's death to President Soekarno. The government has prepared a state funeral at TMP Kalibata, Jakarta.

Because Mr. Yamin's last will was wanted to be buried in Talawi's hometown, Sawah Lunto. The President ordered the Governor of West Sumatra Drs. Aaron Zen to prepare for the state ceremony.
Before leaving the palace, President Soekarno greeted his father while saying: "Thank you for the greatness of your soul. I accompanied Yamin before his death and was willing to take him to Talawi. On behalf of myself and the government, I thank you."
(This is the last meeting between father and President Soekarno, 2 years later father was sent to prison at the behest of Soekarno).

The next day, fulfilling the last message of the late Mr. Yamin, so that the father would be willing to accompany his body buried in Kampung Talawi, Sawah Lunto West Sumatra was granted by his father.
The funeral process is carried out with a state ceremony. Inspector of the ceremony, Mr. Minister Chaerul Saleh. That afternoon my father returned to Jakarta.
(The story with Pak Yamin is the author hears from his own father and lastly from Rashid's Brahman's son Buya St. Mansur who was listening to his father's report to his teacher A.R. St. Mansyur from Talawi at Buya St. Mansyur's house).

Soekarno's Last Message
Two years and 4 months his father was detained at the behest of President Soekarno, then from 1964-1966, on charges of violating the Anti Subversive Act No. 11, namely the accusation of planning the assassination of President Soekarno.

How hard our suffering was after the death of the detained father. Father's books are banned. Father could not fulfill the invitation to land. Money inflows stopped. To make a living, ummi started selling goods and jewelry.
The father had just been released after the Sukarno regime fell, replaced by Suharto. Father returned to doing activities like before being held by Soekarno.

On June 16, 1970, the father was contacted by Mr. Kafrawi, Secretary General of the Dep. Religion. Early this morning the secretary general came to the house, Pak Kafrawi brought a message from the family of former President Soekarno to father. The message was the last message from Soekarno, this was the message; "If I die later, ask for Hamka's willingness to become a priest for my prayer."
"So he's dead?" Father asked Pak Kafrawi.
"Yes Buya, you have died in RSPAD, now his body is down to Wisma Yaso." (This is the first version).

There is one more version stating that in the state of dying the former President of the Republic of Indonesia conveyed his message to his family, that when it comes to his death, he wants to be the priest of his funeral by Hamka. The message was delivered by his family to President Soeharto who had replaced him as 2nd President.

President Soeharto sent one of his Aspri (Personal Assistant) Maj. Gen. Suryo to meet Buya Hamka at JI's house. Rd.Fatah, accompanied by a secretary general of the Dep. RI Religion. The father of President Soeharto's envoy delivered Soekano's final request. Without doubt the message brought by President Soeharto's envoy was carried out by the father.

Father arrived at Wisma Yaso with his picker. At the guesthouse, many mourners arrived, guarding was very strong. The new prayer will begin waiting for father's presence. Father became a priest of Soekarno's corpse. The last message of the former First President was sincerely carried out by the father.
I am very sorry that I cannot follow the events of my father being picked up to imitate the prayer of former President Soekarno from close because he is outside the city of Jakarta. In preparing this book regarding Soekarno's last message I had to find information. Many of the people involved in the incident died, including my late brother H. Zaky Hamka who accompanied my father to Yaso Guesthouse.

The relationship between father and Bung Karno had been established since 1941. He finished attending the 30th Muhammadiyah Conference in Yogyakarta, January 1941, at the invitation of H. Abdul Karim (Oei Tjing Hin) Consul Muhammadiyah Bengkulu, a Muslim Chinese figure, met Soekano in his exile in Bengkulu. During the 2-hour meeting the two relations became familiar. For mementos they take pictures together.

In 1946 after independence, Soekarno was appointed as the first President of the Republic of Indonesia, the President invited his father to move from Medan to Jakarta. However, due to the situation of the homeland which had not yet finished its affairs with the Netherlands, the first 1947 presidential request of the President was delayed. The following year 1948 President Soekarno visited West Sumatra. Again my father met Soekarno in Bukit Tinggi. On that occasion the father presented a poem to the First President with the title "
Sansai also me the end."

After the surrender of Sovereignty in 1949, at the beginning of 1950 my father invited us to move to Jakarta. At the commemoration of Isra 'Miraj of the Prophet Muhammad SAW in 1950, the father was asked by President Soekarno to give a talk about the secret of Isra' Miraj at the Palace. Good relations continue. During the Idul Fitri prayer in 1951 held at the Banteng Field held by PHBI (Committee for Islamic Holidays) Jakarta, I was also invited by my father, my father sat side by side with our President at that time. I sat flanked by my father and Soekarno. I was very happy because I was introduced to my father by Soekarno.

I shake hands with our dashing President. Her facial skin is reddish white, fresh. His eyes were strong when shaking hands with me. I was 8 years old. If I remember the incident, I often smiled to myself because our President was wearing torn socks on the right side. While taking part in the Takbir, the First President of the Republic of Indonesia seemed engrossed in stroking his big toe, which was protruding from the tear of his right leg shirt.

In 1955 father was elected a member of the Constituent Assembly. Since then the close relationship with Soekarno began to grow apart. Father with all the Islamic Party factions fought for a state based on Islam. Whereas President Soekarno wanted to defend the country based on Pancasila. Since then the relationship of two people who were previously like brothers was cut off. It was only in 1962 that they met again when father helped organize Mr.'s body. Moh. Yamin. Two years later father was arrested on the orders of President Soekarno.

After 8 years later 1970, the two friends who were once friends were reunited, only the situation was different. Sukarno was in the coffin, father stood near the coffin acting as a prayer leader the body of the person who had thrown himself in jail for 2 years 4 months. Looks right for the writer, even though the conditions of these two people differ sharply from political understanding, but in their hearts they maintain the relationship. Soekarno did not hate father. Similarly, father did not hold a grudge against Soekarno.

As a result of his father's belief in Sukarno's body, many of his father's friends regretted his actions. Some say that Soekarno was a hypocrite. There are also those who ask: "Isn't Buya not grudging people who have buried Buya in prison?"
Gentle father answered all the criticisms. "Only Allah knows more about those who are hypocrites. And I have to thank you, because in prison I have the opportunity to write an interpretation of the Quran 30 juz. One more thing should not be forgotten that the deceased initiated the construction of 2 monumental mosques, one Baiturrahim mosque in Merdeka Palace, one of the largest mosques in Southeast Asia, Istiqlal Mosque. Hopefully this will become an unlimited charity for Soekarno. "
Ananta Tur's Message
Beginning in 1963, our literary world was stirred by two Capital Daily newspapers: People's Daily and Daily Star East. These two Communist newspapers broadcast on the first page with news The sinking of the Van Der Wijck ship was traced by Hamka's author. The news review was reported by a writer named Ki Panji Kusmin. While in the daily East Star in sheet Lantern, also contains and reviews how Hamka stole original essays from the author Alfonso Carr, French poet. Sheet Lantern this was taken care of by Pramudya Ananta Tur.

For months the two communist newspapers attacked father with slanderous writings, also attacked personally.
I saw my father calmly facing all the blasphemy from Ki Panji Kusmin and Pramudva Ananta Tour.

The author at that time at high school IX IX felt inner pressure too. My teacher Sastra lndonesi was a teacher at the Vak Sentral PGRI as well as my civic teacher in a mocking style always asking about my father's health and not forgetting greetings. I felt hot when my two teachers asked me. The same is true of my other brothers. Moreover, reading the two newspapers was intentionally sent home for free.

The PKI attempted a coup on 30 September 1965 but failed. In the coup attempt 6 generals and 1 officer were killed by the PKI. As a result of the failure of the PKI coup, my two high school teachers were dismissed as civil servants and teachers, and Pramudya Ananta Tur was detained on Buru Island. Years later the Ananta Tur Pramudya was released, then carried out activities again. Father had never been in contact with a Lekra figure who had never been bored with attacking father in both Communist newspapers.

One day, the father of the arrival of a pair of guests. The native woman, while the man is of Chinese descent. To the woman's father introduce herself. His name is Astuti, while the man is named Daniel Setiawan. Father was rather surprised when Astuti stated that he was Pramudya Ananta Tur's eldest son. Astuti accompanied Daniel to meet his father to convert to Islam while studying Islam. So far Daniel is a non Muslim. Pramudya does not agree with his daughter who is a Muslim woman who is married to men of different cultures and other religions.

Just a moment my dad thought. Without the slightest doubt the request of both guests was granted by father. Daniel Setiawan's prospective son-in-law Pramudya Ananta Tur was directly sent by his father by guiding him to read two sentences of creed. Father recommended Daniel to be circumcised and scheduled to begin studying Islam to father.

In a meeting with the eldest daughter of Pramudya and his daughter-in-law's father, there was no one at all talking about the problem of Pramudya with father who had happened long ago. Father had been completely destroyed by his reputation by the Pramudya Ananta Tour through Communist funnels on a daily basis
East Star and People's Daily.

One of Pramudya's friends named Dr. Hudaifah Kuddah asked the Pramudya the reason the figure of Lekra sent his son-in-law to meet Hamka. Pram seriously replied:
"The problem of our ideology is still different. I want my daughter who is a Muslim woman to be married to a man of faith. I am better off sending my future daughter-in-law to study Islam and convert to Islam to Hamka.
According to Dr. Hudaifah contained in a magazine HorizonIn August 2006, Pramudya Ananta Tur indirectly appeared by sending prospective daughter-in-law accompanied by a daughter as if apologizing for her behavior in treating father in Daily Star East and People's Daily. And also indirectly forgive Pramudya Ananta Tur by willing to Islamize and teach Islamic religion to the prospective son-in-law.

In the event that the father faced the three figures the author conveyed in this book, the author deliberately did not comment and judge my father Hamka. The author frees up to the rightful reader to judge it himself. The writer as a child wants to avoid judgment on the father subjectively.

1. Published in October 2010 by UHAMKA PRESS, This article refers to Print II, October 2011, on page 191-200, with changes by the editor in the subtitles for Mr. Moh Yamin and Pramudya.

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