Monday, June 4, 2012

Google's Advanced Glasses Use Trackpad

Google continue to show the progress of the modern glasses that are being developed. Previously, Google officials Sebastian Thrun showed share photos using Google's advanced glasses.

This time, it's the turn of Google founder Sergey Brin showing the glasses navigation system which can also be used as a smartphone that. The navigation used by the glasses is trackpad which is installed to the right of the glasses.

Sergey Brin demonstrates the function trackpad when performing with his wife, Anne Wojcicki, on a television program in the United States, which was hosted by Gavin Newsom.

"You will easily forget that you wear these glasses, and feel the capacity of this use in the future," Newsom said, as quoted from Wired.

In the demonstration, Brin showed easy navigation Google Glasses. Brin onlyslide his finger to trackpad on the right side of the glasses.

Jari Brin men-slide back and forth to find a place where Brin took a photo of Newsom, which was taken using the glasses. Brin then put the glasses on Newsom's face.

Newsom himself later claimed to be fascinated by the sophistication of glasses Augmented Reality developed by a Google subsidiary, Google (X). "The picture looks very clear," he said.

Brin then claimed Google (X) was his priority at this time. "This might be able to replace cellphones, computers and more. With easy access," Brin said.

But Brin did not mention when Google (X) was targeting to commercialize these glasses.

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